Jeremiah 16
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Disaster Predicted

1Morouer, thus sayde the LORDE vnto me: 2Thou shalt take ye no wife, ner beget children in this place. 3For of the children that are borne in this place, of their mothers that haue borne them, and of their fathers that haue begotten them in this londe, thus saieth the LORDE: 4They shal dye an horrible deeth, no ma shal mourne for them, ner burie them, but they shal lye as doge vpon the earth. They shal perish thorow the swearde and honger, and their bodies shal be meate for the foules of the ayre, and beestes of the earth.

5Agayne, thus saieth the LORDE: Go not vnto them, that come together, for to mourne and wepe: for I haue taken my peace fro this people (saieth the LORDE) yee my fauoure and my mercy. 6And in this londe shal they dye, olde and yonge, and shall not be buried: no man shall bewepe them, no man shall clippe or shaue himselff for them. 7There shal not one viset another, to mourne with them for their deed, or to comforte them. One shall not offre another the cuppe off consolacion, to forget their heuynes for father and mother. 8Thou shalt not go in to their feast house, to syt downe, moch lesse to eate or drynke with them. 9For thus saieth the LORDE off hoostes the God off Israel: Beholde, I shall take awaye out of this place, the voyce off myrth ad gladnesse, the voyce off the brydegrome and off the bryde: yee and that in youre dayes, that ye maye se it.

10Now when thou shewest this people all these wordes, and they saye vnto the: Wherfore hath the LORDE deuysed all this greate plage for vs? Or what is the offence and synne, that we haue done agaynst the LORDE oure God? 11Then make thou them this answere: Because youre fathers haue forsaken me (saieth the LORDE) and haue cleued vnto straunge goddes, whom they haue honoured and worshipped: but me haue they forsake, and haue not kepte my lawe. 12And ye wt youre shamefull blasphemies, haue exceaded the wickednes off youre fathers. For euery one off you foloweth the frawerde euel ymaginacion off his owne hert, and is not obedient vnto me. 13Therfore wil I cast you out off this londe, in to a londe that ye and youre fathers knowe not: and there shall ye serue straunge goddes daye and night, there will I shewe you no fauoure.

God Will Restore Israel

14Beholde therfore (saieth the LORDE) the daies are come, that it shall nomore be sayed: The LORDE lyueth, which brought the children of Israel out of the lode of Egipte: 15but (it shall be sayde) the LORDE lyueth, that brought the children of Israel from the North, & from all londes where I had scatred them. For I wil bringe the agayne in to the lode, that I gaue vnto their fathers.

16Beholde, (saieth the LORDE) I will sende out many fishers to take them, and after yt wil I sende out many hunters to hunte the out, from all mountaynes and hilles ad out of the caues of stones. 17For myne eyes beholde all their wayes, and they can not be hyd fro my face, nether can their wicked dedes be kepte close out of my sight. 18But first will I sufficiently rewarde their shamefull blasphemies and synnes, wherwith they haue defyled my londe: Namely, with their stinckinge Idols and abhominacions, wherwt they haue fylled myne heretage.

19O LORDE, my strength, my power, and refuge in tyme off trouble. The Gentiles shall come vnto the from the endes off the worlde, and saye: Verely oure fathers haue cleued vnto lies, their Idols are but vayne and vnprofitable.

20How can a man make those his goddes, which are not able to be goddes?

21And therfore, I will once teach them (saieth ye LORDE) I wil shewe them my honde and my power, that they maye knowe, yt my name is ye LORDE.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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