Exodus 26
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The Ten Curtains for the Tabernacle
(Exodus 36:8–13)

1“Truly, thus shall you make the tabernacle: You shall make ten curtains of fine twisted linen, and hyacinth as well as purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, with diverse embroidery. 2The length of one curtain shall have twenty-eight cubits. The width shall be four cubits. The entire set of curtains shall be of one measure. 3Five curtains shall be joined to one another, and the other five shall be similarly coupled together. 4You shall make loops of hyacinth on the sides at the edges of the curtains, so that they will be able to be joined to one another. 5A curtain shall have fifty loops on each of two sides, inserted in such a manner that loop may come against loop, and one can be fitted to the other. 6You shall also make fifty rings of gold, with which the veils of the curtains are to be joined, so that it shall be one tabernacle.

The Eleven Curtains of Goat Hair
(Exodus 36:14–19)

7You shall also make eleven haircloth canopies to cover the roof of the tabernacle. 8The length of one canopy shall hold thirty cubits, and the width, four. The measure of all the canopies shall be equal. 9Five of these you shall join by themselves, and six of these you shall couple to one another, in such a manner as to double the sixth canopy at the front of the roof. 10You shall also make fifty loops along the edge of one canopy, so that it may be able to be joined with the other, and fifty loops along the edge of the other canopy, so that it may be coupled with the other.

11You shall also make fifty brass buckles, with which the loops may be joined, so that there may be one covering out of all. 12Then what will be left over of the canopies which are prepared for the roof, that is, one canopy which is in excess, from half of it you shall cover the back of the tabernacle. 13And one cubit will hang down on one side, and another on the other side, which is more than the length of the curtains, protecting both sides of the tabernacle. 14You shall also make another covering for the roof from the skins of rams, dyed-red, and above that again, another covering of violet-colored skins.

The Frames and Bases
(Exodus 36:20–34)

15You shall also make the standing panels of the tabernacle from setim wood. 16Of these, each shall have ten cubits in length, and in width, one and one half. 17At the sides of the panels, there shall be made two dovetails, by which one panel may be connected to another panel; and in this way all the panels shall be prepared. 18Of these, twenty shall be at the meridian, which lies toward the south. 19For these, you shall cast forty bases of silver, so that two bases will lie under each panel at its two corners. 20Likewise, at the second side of the tabernacle, which lies to the north, there shall be twenty panels, 21having forty bases of silver; two bases shall support each panel. 22Truly, toward the western part of the tabernacle, you shall make six panels, 23and again another two, which will be raised at the corners, behind the back of the tabernacle. 24And these shall be joined together from bottom to top, and one joint shall retain them all. Likewise, two of the panels, which will be set at the corners, shall be served by similar joints. 25And together these will be eight panels, and their bases of silver, sixteen, counting two bases for each panel.

26You shall also make five bars of setim wood, to connect the panels on one side of the tabernacle, 27and five others on the other side, and the same number toward the western part. 28These shall be set along the middle of the panels, from one end all the way to the other end. 29Likewise, the panels themselves you shall overlay with gold, and you shall establish rings of gold in them, by which the bars of the panels may be connected. These you shall cover with layers of gold. 30And you shall raise the tabernacle according to the example which was shown to you on the mountain.

The Veil
(Exodus 36:35–36)

31You shall also make a veil of hyacinth, and purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, and fine twisted linen, wrought with a diversity of continuous and beautiful embroidery. 32And you shall suspend it before four columns of setim wood, which themselves certainly shall be overlaid with gold, and have heads of gold, but bases of silver. 33Then the veil shall be inserted through the rings. Beyond the veil, you shall place the ark of the testimony, where both the Sanctuary and the Sanctuary of Sanctuaries shall be divided. 34And you shall place the propitiatory over the ark of the testimony, in the Holy of Holies. 35And the table shall be outside the veil. And opposite the table shall be the lampstand, in the meridian of the tabernacle. For the table shall stand at the north side.

The Curtain for the Entrance
(Exodus 36:37–38)

36You shall also make a tent at the entrance of the tabernacle from hyacinth, and purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, and fine twisted linen, wrought with embroidery. 37And you shall overlay with gold five columns of setim wood, over which the tent shall be drawn. The heads of these shall be of gold, and the bases of brass.”

Catholic Public Domain Version

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