Job 39
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1"Do you know the time when the mountain goats give birth? Do you watch the does when they are in labor?

2Can you count the months they are pregnant or know the time when they'll give birth?

3They kneel down to give birth and deliver their young. Then the pain of giving birth is over.

4Their young are healthy and grow up in the wild. They leave and don't come back.

5"Who lets the wild donkey go free? Who unties the ropes of the wild donkey?

6I gave it the desert to live in and the salt flats as its dwelling place.

7It laughs at the noise of the city and doesn't [even] listen to the shouting of its master.

8It explores the mountains for its pasture and looks for anything green.

9"Will the wild ox agree to serve you, or will it stay at night beside your feeding trough?

10Can you guide a wild ox in a furrow, or will it plow the valleys behind you?

11Can you trust it just because it's so strong or leave your labor to it?

12Can you rely on it to bring your grain back and take it to your threshing floor?

13"Does the ostrich flap its wings in joy, or do its wings lack feathers?

14It lays its eggs on the ground and warms them in the dust.

15It forgets that a foot may crush them or a wild animal may trample them.

16It acts harshly toward its young as if they weren't its own. It is not afraid that its work is for nothing

17because God has deprived it of wisdom and did not give it any understanding.

18It laughs at the horse and its rider when it gets up to flee.

19"Can you give strength to a horse or dress its neck with a flowing mane?

20Can you make it leap like a locust, when its snorting causes terror?

21It paws in strength and finds joy in its power. It charges into battle.

22It laughs at fear, is afraid of nothing, and doesn't back away from swords.

23A quiver of arrows rattles on it along with the flashing spear and javelin.

24Anxious and excited, the horse eats up the ground and doesn't trust the sound of the ram's horn.

25As often as the horn sounds, the horse says, 'Aha!' and it smells the battle far away- the thundering [orders] of the captains and the battle cries.

26"Does your understanding make a bird of prey fly and spread its wings toward the south?

27Is it by your order that the eagle flies high and makes its nest on the heights?

28It perches for the night on a cliff. Its fortress is on a jagged peak.

29From there it seeks food, and its eyes see it from far away.

30Its young ones feed on blood. It is found wherever there are dead bodies."

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