3187. yachas
Strong's Concordance
yachas: to enroll oneself or be enrolled by genealogy
Original Word: יָחַשׂ
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: yachas
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-khas')
Definition: to enroll oneself or be enrolled by genealogy
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as yachas
to enroll oneself or be enrolled by genealogy
NASB Translation
ancestral (2), enrolled by genealogies (2), enrolled by genealogy (5), enrolled in the genealogies (1), enrolled in the genealogy (1), enrolled genealogically (1), genealogical enrollment (4), genealogical list (1), genealogically enrolled (1), genealogy (2), registration* (2).

[הִתְיַחֵשׂ] verb Hithpa`el denominative enroll oneself or be enrolled by Genealogy (Late Hebrew often in Pi`el (also Hithpa`el), Aramaic Pa`el (Ithpa`al)) — Perfect3masculine plural הִתְיַחֲשׂוּ 1 Chronicles 5:17; 1 Chronicles 9:1; Infinitive construct הִתְיַחֵשׂ 1 Chronicles 5:1 5t.; suffix הִתְיִחֲשָׂם 1 Chronicles 4:33 7t.; Participle plural הַמִּתְיִחֲשִׂים Ezra 2:62; Nehemiah 7:64; — be enrolled by Genealogy 1 Chronicles 5:17; 1 Chronicles 9:1; Nehemiah 7:5; perhaps also ׳לְהִתְי2Chronicles 12:15 (tr. to 2 Chronicles 11:16 according to Hi Be, see VB); לַבְּכֹרָה ׳וְלֹא לְהִתְי 1 Chronicles 5:1 but he is not to be enrolled in the place of first born; followed by בְּ (among, of, consisting in) 1 Chronicles 7:40, without לְ 1 Chronicles 7:7; Ezra 8:1; הַכֹּהֲנִים ׳הִתְי2Chronicles 31:17; Infinitive = Genealogical enrolment 1 Chronicles 4:33 these were their dwellings and they had (לָהֶם) genealogical enrolment, compare 1 Chronicles 7:5,9; ׳בְּהִתְי 1 Chronicles 5:7 at the enrolment, of. (לְ) their Generations; הֵמָּה בְּחַצְרֵיהֶם הִתְיַחֲשָׂם 1 Chronicles 9:22 as for them, in their villages was their enrolment; nearly = genealogical list2Chronicles 31:15 (לִזְכָרִים; i.e. the males whose names were in the list), so Ezra 8:3, compare 2Chronicles 31:18,19 (all followed by בְּ among, of) Participle plural with article בִּקְשׁוּ כְתָבָם הַמִּתְיַחֲשִׂים Ezra 2:62 = Nehemiah 7:64 they sought their writing (their book), namely the enrolled, i.e. their Genealogical record.

יַ֫חַת see below חתה

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
number after, be reckoned by genealogies

A primitive root; to sprout; used only as denominative from yachas; to enroll by pedigree -- (number after, number throughout the) genealogy (to be reckoned), be reckoned by genealogies.

see HEBREW yachas

Forms and Transliterations
בְּהִתְיַחֵ֖שׂ בהתיחש הִתְיַחְשָׂ֔ם הִתְיַחְשָׂ֖ם הִתְיַחְשָׂ֣ם הִתְיַחְשׂ֔וּ הִתְיַחֵ֖שׂ הִתְיַחֵ֥שׂ הַמִּתְיַחְשִׂ֖ים המתיחשים התיחש התיחשו התיחשם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֑ם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֖ם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֗ם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֣ם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֤ם והתיחשם לְהִתְיַחֵ֑שׂ לְהִתְיַחֵ֖שׂ להתיחש bə·hiṯ·ya·ḥêś behityaChes bəhiṯyaḥêś ham·miṯ·yaḥ·śîm hammityachSim hammiṯyaḥśîm hiṯ·ya·ḥêś hiṯ·yaḥ·śām hiṯ·yaḥ·śū hityaChes hityachSam hityachSu hiṯyaḥêś hiṯyaḥśām hiṯyaḥśū lə·hiṯ·ya·ḥêś lehityaChes ləhiṯyaḥêś vehityachSam wə·hiṯ·yaḥ·śām wəhiṯyaḥśām
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Englishman's Concordance
1 Chronicles 4:33
HEB: זֹ֚את מוֹשְׁבֹתָ֔ם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֖ם לָהֶֽם׃
NAS: [were] their settlements, and they have their genealogy.
KJV: These [were] their habitations, and their genealogy.
INT: likewise their settlements have their genealogy

1 Chronicles 5:1
HEB: יִשְׂרָאֵ֑ל וְלֹ֥א לְהִתְיַחֵ֖שׂ לַבְּכֹרָֽה׃
NAS: of Israel; so that he is not enrolled in the genealogy according to the birthright.
KJV: of Israel: and the genealogy is not to be reckoned after the birthright.
INT: of Israel is not enrolled to the birthright

1 Chronicles 5:7
HEB: וְאֶחָיו֙ לְמִשְׁפְּחֹתָ֔יו בְּהִתְיַחֵ֖שׂ לְתֹלְדוֹתָ֑ם הָרֹ֥אשׁ
NAS: by their families, in the genealogy of their generations,
KJV: of their generations was reckoned, [were] the chief,
INT: his kinsmen their families the genealogy of their generations the chief

1 Chronicles 5:17
HEB: כֻּלָּם֙ הִתְיַחְשׂ֔וּ בִּימֵ֖י יוֹתָ֣ם
NAS: All of these were enrolled in the genealogies in the days
KJV: All these were reckoned by genealogies in the days
INT: All were enrolled the days of Jotham

1 Chronicles 7:5
HEB: וְשִׁבְעָה֙ אֶ֔לֶף הִתְיַחְשָׂ֖ם לַכֹּֽל׃ פ
NAS: of valor, enrolled by genealogy, in all
KJV: men of might, reckoned in all by their genealogies fourscore
INT: and seven thousand their genealogies all manner

1 Chronicles 7:7
HEB: גִּבּוֹרֵ֖י חֲיָלִ֑ים וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֗ם עֶשְׂרִ֤ים וּשְׁנַ֙יִם֙
NAS: and were 22,034 enrolled by genealogy.
KJV: men of valour; and were reckoned by their genealogies twenty
INT: mighty of valour enrolled twenty and two

1 Chronicles 7:9
HEB: וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֣ם לְתֹלְדוֹתָ֗ם רָאשֵׁי֙
NAS: They were enrolled by genealogy, according to their generations,
KJV: And the number of them, after their genealogy by their generations,
INT: and the number their generations heads

1 Chronicles 7:40
HEB: רָאשֵׁ֖י הַנְּשִׂיאִ֑ים וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֤ם בַּצָּבָא֙ בַּמִּלְחָמָ֔ה
NAS: And the number of them enrolled by genealogy for service
KJV: And the number throughout the genealogy of them that were apt to the war
INT: chief of the princes the genealogy to the war battle

1 Chronicles 9:1
HEB: וְכָל־ יִשְׂרָאֵל֙ הִתְיַחְשׂ֔וּ וְהִנָּ֣ם כְּתוּבִ֔ים
NAS: Israel was enrolled by genealogies; and behold,
KJV: So all Israel were reckoned by genealogies; and, behold, they [were] written
INT: all Israel was enrolled and behold are written

1 Chronicles 9:22
HEB: הֵ֤מָּה בְחַצְרֵיהֶם֙ הִתְיַחְשָׂ֔ם הֵ֣מָּה יִסַּ֥ד
NAS: These were enrolled by genealogy in their villages,
KJV: and twelve. These were reckoned by their genealogy in their villages,
INT: These their villages were enrolled whom appointed

2 Chronicles 12:15
HEB: וְעִדּ֥וֹ הַחֹזֶ֖ה לְהִתְיַחֵ֑שׂ וּמִלְחֲמ֧וֹת רְחַבְעָ֛ם
NAS: the seer, according to genealogical enrollment? And [there were] wars
KJV: the seer concerning genealogies? And [there were] wars
INT: Iddo the seer to genealogical wars Rehoboam

2 Chronicles 31:16
HEB: מִלְּבַ֞ד הִתְיַחְשָׂ֣ם לִזְכָרִ֗ים מִבֶּ֨ן
NAS: without regard to their genealogical enrollment, to the males
KJV: Beside their genealogy of males,
INT: to their genealogical to the males old

2 Chronicles 31:19
HEB: בַּכֹּ֣הֲנִ֔ים וּלְכָל־ הִתְיַחֵ֖שׂ בַּלְוִיִּֽם׃
NAS: and to everyone genealogically enrolled among the Levites.
KJV: among the priests, and to all that were reckoned by genealogies among the Levites.
INT: the priests everyone genealogically the Levites

Ezra 2:62
HEB: בִּקְשׁ֧וּ כְתָבָ֛ם הַמִּתְיַחְשִׂ֖ים וְלֹ֣א נִמְצָ֑אוּ
NAS: searched [among] their ancestral registration,
KJV: their register [among] those that were reckoned by genealogy, but they were not found:
INT: searched their register their ancestral could not be located

Ezra 8:1
HEB: רָאשֵׁ֥י אֲבֹתֵיהֶ֖ם וְהִתְיַחְשָׂ֑ם הָעֹלִ֣ים עִמִּ֗י
NAS: of their fathers' [households] and the genealogical enrollment of those who went
KJV: of their fathers, and [this is] the genealogy of them that went up
INT: are the heads of their fathers' and the genealogical went in

Ezra 8:3
HEB: זְכַרְיָ֑ה וְעִמּ֛וֹ הִתְיַחֵ֥שׂ לִזְכָרִ֖ים מֵאָ֥ה
NAS: males [who were in] the genealogical list;
KJV: Zechariah: and with him were reckoned by genealogy of the males
INT: Zechariah accompanying the genealogical males an hundred

Nehemiah 7:5
HEB: וְאֶת־ הָעָ֖ם לְהִתְיַחֵ֑שׂ וָֽאֶמְצָ֗א סֵ֤פֶר
NAS: and the people to be enrolled by genealogies. Then I found
KJV: and the people, that they might be reckoned by genealogy. And I found
INT: the officials and the people to be enrolled found the book

Nehemiah 7:64
HEB: בִּקְשׁ֧וּ כְתָבָ֛ם הַמִּתְיַחְשִׂ֖ים וְלֹ֣א נִמְצָ֑א
NAS: searched [among] their ancestral registration,
KJV: their register [among] those that were reckoned by genealogy, but it was not found:
INT: searched their register their ancestral could not be located

18 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 3187
18 Occurrences

bə·hiṯ·ya·ḥêś — 1 Occ.
ham·miṯ·yaḥ·śîm — 2 Occ.
hiṯ·ya·ḥêś — 2 Occ.
hiṯ·yaḥ·śām — 3 Occ.
hiṯ·yaḥ·śū — 2 Occ.
lə·hiṯ·ya·ḥêś — 3 Occ.
wə·hiṯ·yaḥ·śām — 5 Occ.

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