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‘ă·ḏā·rîm — 4 Occurrences

Genesis 30:40
HEB: וַיָּֽשֶׁת־ ל֤וֹ עֲדָרִים֙ לְבַדּ֔וֹ וְלֹ֥א
NAS: and he put his own herds apart,
KJV: and he put his own flocks by themselves, and put
INT: of Laban put herds apart and did not

Judges 5:16
HEB: לִשְׁמֹ֖עַ שְׁרִק֣וֹת עֲדָרִ֑ים לִפְלַגּ֣וֹת רְאוּבֵ֔ן
NAS: the piping for the flocks? Among the divisions
KJV: the bleatings of the flocks? For the divisions
INT: to hear the piping drove division of Reuben

Isaiah 32:14
HEB: פְּרָאִ֖ים מִרְעֵ֥ה עֲדָרִֽים׃
NAS: a pasture for flocks;
KJV: of wild asses, a pasture of flocks;
INT: wild A pasture flocks

Zephaniah 2:14
HEB: וְרָבְצ֨וּ בְתוֹכָ֤הּ עֲדָרִים֙ כָּל־ חַיְתוֹ־
NAS: Flocks will lie down in her midst,
KJV: And flocks shall lie down in the midst
INT: will lie her midst Flocks All the beasts

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