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‘ă·nî·yāh — 3 Occurrences

Isaiah 10:30
HEB: הַקְשִׁ֥יבִי לַ֖יְשָׁה עֲנִיָּ֥ה עֲנָתֽוֹת׃
NAS: Laishah [and] wretched Anathoth!
KJV: unto Laish, O poor Anathoth.
INT: Pay Laishah wretched Anathoth

Isaiah 51:21
HEB: נָ֥א זֹ֖את עֲנִיָּ֑ה וּשְׁכֻרַ֖ת וְלֹ֥א
NAS: this, you afflicted, Who are drunk,
KJV: Therefore hear now this, thou afflicted, and drunken,
INT: please you afflicted are drunk not

Isaiah 54:11
HEB: עֲנִיָּ֥ה סֹעֲרָ֖ה לֹ֣א
NAS: O afflicted one, storm-tossed,
KJV: O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest,
INT: afflicted storm-tossed not

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