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gō·me — 3 Occurrences

Exodus 2:3
HEB: לוֹ֙ תֵּ֣בַת גֹּ֔מֶא וַתַּחְמְרָ֥ה בַחֵמָ֖ר
NAS: she got him a wicker basket
KJV: for him an ark of bulrushes, and daubed
INT: got basket A wicker and covered tar

Job 8:11
HEB: הֲיִֽגְאֶה־ גֹּ֭מֶא בְּלֹ֣א בִצָּ֑ה
NAS: Can the papyrus grow up without
KJV: Can the rush grow up without mire?
INT: grow the papyrus without swamp

Isaiah 18:2
HEB: צִירִ֗ים וּבִכְלֵי־ גֹמֶא֮ עַל־ פְּנֵי־
NAS: by the sea, Even in papyrus vessels
KJV: even in vessels of bulrushes upon
INT: envoys vessels papyrus on the surface

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