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miṭ·ṭāh — 3 Occurrences

2 Kings 4:10
HEB: ל֥וֹ שָׁ֛ם מִטָּ֥ה וְשֻׁלְחָ֖ן וְכִסֵּ֣א
NAS: and let us set a bed for him there,
KJV: and let us set for him there a bed, and a table,
INT: set there A bed table chair

Ezekiel 23:41
HEB: וְיָשַׁבְתְּ֙ עַל־ מִטָּ֣ה כְבוּדָּ֔ה וְשֻׁלְחָ֥ן
NAS: on a splendid couch with a table
KJV: upon a stately bed, and a table
INT: sat and couch A stately A table

Amos 3:12
HEB: בְּשֹׁ֣מְר֔וֹן בִּפְאַ֥ת מִטָּ֖ה וּבִדְמֶ֥שֶׁק עָֽרֶשׂ׃
NAS: With [the] corner of a bed and [the] cover
KJV: in the corner of a bed, and in Damascus
INT: Samaria With corner of a bed and cover of a couch

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