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miz·ze·rem — 3 Occurrences

Job 24:8
HEB: מִזֶּ֣רֶם הָרִ֣ים יִרְטָ֑בוּ
NAS: with the mountain rains And hug
KJV: They are wet with the showers of the mountains,
INT: rains the mountain are wet

Isaiah 4:6
HEB: וּלְמַחְסֶה֙ וּלְמִסְתּ֔וֹר מִזֶּ֖רֶם וּמִמָּטָֽר׃ פ
NAS: and protection from the storm and the rain.
KJV: and for a covert from storm and from rain.
INT: and refuge and protection the storm and the rain

Isaiah 25:4
HEB: ל֑וֹ מַחְסֶ֤ה מִזֶּ֙רֶם֙ צֵ֣ל מֵחֹ֔רֶב
NAS: A refuge from the storm, a shade
KJV: a refuge from the storm, a shadow
INT: his distress A refuge the storm A shade the heat

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