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šū·ḥāh — 3 Occurrences

Proverbs 22:14
HEB: שׁוּחָ֣ה עֲ֭מֻקָּה פִּ֣י
NAS: is a deep pit; He who is cursed
KJV: [is] a deep pit: he that is abhorred
INT: pit deep the mouth

Proverbs 23:27
HEB: כִּֽי־ שׁוּחָ֣ה עֲמֻקָּ֣ה זוֹנָ֑ה
NAS: is a deep pit And an adulterous woman
KJV: [is] a deep ditch; and a strange woman
INT: for pit deep A harlot

Jeremiah 18:20
HEB: כִּֽי־ כָר֥וּ שׁוּחָ֖ה לְנַפְשִׁ֑י זְכֹ֣ר ׀
NAS: For they have dug a pit for me. Remember
KJV: for they have digged a pit for my soul.
INT: for dig A pit my soul Remember

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