8674. Tattenay
Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew: 8674. Tattenay — 4 Occurrences

Ezra 5:3
HEB: אֲתָ֨א עֲלֵיה֜וֹן תַּ֠תְּנַי פַּחַ֧ת עֲבַֽר־
NAS: At that time Tattenai, the governor
KJV: came to them Tatnai, governor
INT: came them Tattenai the governor beyond

Ezra 5:6
HEB: דִּֽי־ שְׁלַ֞ח תַּתְּנַ֣י ׀ פַּחַ֣ת עֲבַֽר־
NAS: which Tattenai, the governor
KJV: of the letter that Tatnai, governor
INT: which sent Tattenai the governor beyond

Ezra 6:6
HEB: כְּעַ֡ן תַּ֠תְּנַי פַּחַ֨ת עֲבַֽר־
NAS: Now [therefore], Tattenai, governor
KJV: Now [therefore], Tatnai, governor
INT: Now Tattenai governor beyond

Ezra 6:13
HEB: אֱ֠דַיִן תַּתְּנַ֞י פַּחַ֧ת עֲבַֽר־
NAS: Then Tattenai, the governor
KJV: Then Tatnai, governor on this side
INT: Then Tattenai the governor beyond

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