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ū·lə·haś·kîl — 2 Occurrences

Nehemiah 8:13
HEB: עֶזְרָ֖א הַסֹּפֵ֑ר וּלְהַשְׂכִּ֖יל אֶל־ דִּבְרֵ֥י
NAS: the scribe that they might gain insight into the words
KJV: the scribe, even to understand the words
INT: Ezra the scribe gain into the words

Daniel 9:13
HEB: לָשׁוּב֙ מֵֽעֲוֹנֵ֔נוּ וּלְהַשְׂכִּ֖יל בַּאֲמִתֶּֽךָ׃
NAS: from our iniquity and giving attention to Your truth.
KJV: from our iniquities, and understand thy truth.
INT: turning our iniquity and giving to your truth

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