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ū·mə·naṣ·ṣə·ḥîm — 2 Occurrences

2 Chronicles 2:2
HEB: חֹצֵ֣ב בָּהָ֑ר וּמְנַצְּחִ֣ים עֲלֵיהֶ֔ם שְׁלֹ֥שֶׁת
NAS: and 3,600 to supervise them.
KJV: and six hundred to oversee them.
INT: to hew the mountain to supervise and and three

2 Chronicles 34:13
HEB: וְעַ֣ל הַסַּבָּלִ֗ים וּֽמְנַצְּחִים֙ לְכֹל֙ עֹשֵׂ֣ה
NAS: the burden bearers, and supervised all
KJV: Also [they were] over the bearers of burdens, and [were] overseers of all that wrought
INT: over the burden and supervised all wrought

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