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‘uz·zêḵ — 3 Occurrences

Isaiah 52:1
HEB: עוּרִ֛י לִבְשִׁ֥י עֻזֵּ֖ךְ צִיּ֑וֹן לִבְשִׁ֣י ׀
NAS: yourself in your strength, O Zion;
KJV: put on thy strength, O Zion;
INT: awake Clothe your strength Zion yourself

Ezekiel 26:11
HEB: יַהֲרֹ֔ג וּמַצְּב֥וֹת עֻזֵּ֖ךְ לָאָ֥רֶץ תֵּרֵֽד׃
NAS: with the sword; and your strong pillars
KJV: by the sword, and thy strong garrisons
INT: will slay pillars and your strong to the ground will come

Amos 3:11
HEB: וְהוֹרִ֤ד מִמֵּךְ֙ עֻזֵּ֔ךְ וְנָבֹ֖זּוּ אַרְמְנוֹתָֽיִךְ׃
NAS: Will pull down your strength from you And your citadels
KJV: and he shall bring down thy strength from thee, and thy palaces
INT: will pull at your strength will be looted and your citadels

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