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(wə·’ê·lāw — 4 Occurrences

Ezekiel 40:9
HEB: [וְאֵילֹו כ] (וְאֵילָ֖יו ק) שְׁתַּ֣יִם
NAS: cubits; and its side pillars, two
KJV: cubits; and the posts thereof, two
INT: eight cubits mighty two cubits

Ezekiel 40:21
HEB: [וְאֵילֹו כ] (וְאֵילָ֤יו ק) [וְאֵלַמֹּו
NAS: side; and its side pillars and its porches
KJV: on this side and three on that side; and the posts thereof and the arches
INT: had three side mighty arch had

Ezekiel 40:29
HEB: [וְאֵילֹו כ] (וְאֵילָ֤יו ק) [וְאֵלַמֹּו
NAS: Its guardrooms also, its side pillars and its porches
KJV: And the little chambers thereof, and the posts thereof, and the arches
INT: chamber mighty arch measurements

Ezekiel 40:37
HEB: [וְאֵילֹו כ] (וְאֵילָ֗יו ק) לֶֽחָצֵר֙
NAS: Its side pillars
KJV: And the posts thereof [were] toward the utter
INT: mighty court the outer

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