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yā·ṣūq — 3 Occurrences

Job 41:23
HEB: בְשָׂר֣וֹ דָבֵ֑קוּ יָצ֥וּק עָ֝לָ֗יו בַּל־
NAS: are joined together, Firm on him and immovable.
KJV: are joined together: they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved.
INT: of his flesh are joined Firm and lest

Job 41:24
HEB: לִ֭בּוֹ יָצ֣וּק כְּמוֹ־ אָ֑בֶן
NAS: His heart is as hard as a stone,
KJV: His heart is as firm as a stone;
INT: his heart hard as A stone

Psalm 41:8
HEB: דְּֽבַר־ בְּ֭לִיַּעַל יָצ֣וּק בּ֑וֹ וַאֲשֶׁ֥ר
NAS: thing is poured out upon him, That when
KJV: disease, [say they], cleaveth fast unto him: and [now] that he lieth
INT: thing A wicked is poured when lies

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