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yə·‘ā·reh — 2 Occurrences

Isaiah 3:17
HEB: וַיהוָ֖ה פָּתְהֵ֥ן יְעָרֶֽה׃ ס
NAS: And the LORD will make their foreheads
KJV: and the LORD will discover their secret parts.
INT: and the LORD their foreheads will make

Isaiah 32:15
HEB: עַד־ יֵ֨עָרֶ֥ה עָלֵ֛ינוּ ר֖וּחַ
NAS: the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high,
KJV: Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high,
INT: Until is poured and the Spirit

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