Acts 19
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1And when Apollo was in Corinthus, Paulus went about in the upper countries and came to Ephesaus, and was questioning those disciples whom he had found there: 2“Have you received The Spirit of Holiness since you have believed?” They answered, and were saying to him, “We have not even heard if there is a Spirit of Holiness.” 3And he said to them, “Unto what were you baptized?” They were saying, “Unto the baptism of Yohannan”. 4Paulus said to them, “Yohannan baptized the people in the baptism of repentance while he was telling them to believe in that One who would come after him, who is Yeshua The Messiah.” 5And when they heard these things, they were baptized in the name of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah. 6And Paulus laid a hand on them and The Spirit of Holiness came upon them, and they were speaking in various languages and were prophesying. 7But they were all of twelve men.

8And Paulus was entering the synagogue and he was speaking publicly three months and persuading concerning The Kingdom of God. 9Some of them were hardened and were disputing and reviling the way of God before the assembly of the Gentiles; then Paulus left and he separated the disciples from them and was speaking every day with them in the school of a man whose name was Turanos. 10And this continued for two years until all who dwelt in Asia heard the word of THE LORD JEHOVAH, Jews and Aramaeans.

11And God was doing great miracles by the hand of Paulus. 12So also napkins or rags which were placed upon his robe or his body were brought and placed on the sick, and the diseases were departing from them; even demons were going out.

13But there were also some Jewish men who were going around and were exorcists of demons, exorcising in the name of our Lord Yeshua over those who had a foul spirit in them, while saying, “We exorcise you in the name of Yeshua whom Paulus preaches.” 14But there were seven sons of a man who was a Jew, a Chief Priest, whose name was Sqewa, who were doing this, 15And that evil spirit answered and said to them, “I know Yeshua, and I know Paulus, but who are you?” 16And that man who had the evil spirit in him jumped upon them and overpowered them and threw them down, and when they were stripped and wounded, they fled from the house. 17And this became known to all the Jews and Aramaeans dwelling in Ephesaus and great fear fell upon all of them, and the name of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah was exalted. 18Many of those who believed were coming and relating their wrongdoing, and they were confessing the things that they were doing. 19Many sorcerers also gathered their books and brought and burned them before everyone and they calculated their price, and it came up to fifty thousand silver pieces. 20And thus with great power the faith of God was increasing in strength and growing.

21But when these things were done, Paulus set in his mind to journey in all Macedonia and in Akaia and to go to Jerusalem, and he said, “When I have gone there, I must also see Rome.” 22And he sent two men of those who were ministering to him to Macedonia - Timotheos and Erastus, but he stayed for a time in Asia.

23But there was a great commotion at that time about the way of God. 24And a certain Silversmith was there whose name was Demetrius, who was making silver shrines for Artemis, and he was enriching the members of his craft with great profits. 25This man gathered all members of his craft together and those who worked with them, and he said to them, “Men, you know that all of our profit is from this work.” 26“You also hear and see that this Paulus has persuaded and turned away, not only the citizens of Ephesaus, but also the multitudes of all Asia, when he said, “Those are not gods which are made by the hands of men.” 27“Neither is this matter only exposed and finished, but so also is The Temple of Artemis, the great goddess, reckoned as nothing. And even this goddess, whom all Asia and all nations worship, is despised.”

28And when they heard these things, they were filled with rage and were crying out and saying, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” 29And the entire city was stirred up and ran as one and went to the theater, and they took by force and brought with them Gaius and Aristarkus, Macedonian men and companions of Paulus. 30And Paulus had wanted to enter the theater and the disciples restrained him. 31Even the Rulers of Asia, because they loved him, sent and begged him not to offer himself to enter the theater. 32But the crowds that were in the theater were very chaotic and they were shouting to each other, but many of them did not know why they had assembled. 33But the people of the Judeans who were there put forth a man of them, a Jew whose name was Alexandrus, and as he arose, he beckoned with his hand and wanted to put forth a defense to the people. 34And when they knew that he was a Jew, they all shouted with one voice for about two hours: “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” 35And the Governor of the city pacified them and he said, “Men, Ephesians! Who of the children of men does not know of the city of the Ephesians and of the temple worship of the great Artemis and the image that descended from Heaven?” 36“Because therefore no one can speak against this, you must be quiet and not do anything hasty.” 37“For you have brought these men although they have not robbed temples neither have reviled our goddess.” 38“But if this Demetrius and the fellows of his trade have a judgment with any, behold, the Proconsuls of the city are skilled; let them approach and dispute one with another.” 39“And if you seek anything other than what is granted by the law, the assembly will be dismissed.” 40“For even now we are in danger of being accused as seditious, so that we will not be able to offer a defense for the crowd today, because we have assembled needlessly and we are in an uproar without a cause.” 41And when he has said these things, he dismissed the multitude.

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