Deuteronomy 1
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1And these are the words that Moshe said to all Israel at the crossing of Jordan in the wilderness opposite the Reed Sea between Paran and Taphel and Lebanon and Khatsruth and Rizahab. 2A journey of eleven days from Khoreeb to the mountain of Seir and unto Raqem of Gaya. 3And it was in the fortieth year, in the eleventh month, in the first of the month, Moshe spoke with the children of Israel everything that LORD JEHOVAH had commanded him concerning them; 4After he had killed Sihon, the King of the Amorites, who was dwelling in Kheshbon, and Og, the King of Mathnin, who was dwelling in Astruth and in Ardi: 5Moshe camped at the crossing of Jordan in the land of Moab; he explained this Law and said:

6“LORD JEHOVAH our God said to us in Khoreeb, ‘It has been long for you that you have dwelt in this mountain: 7Return and pick yourselves up and enter to the mountain of the Amorites and into all its surroundings, to Arabah and to the mountain and to the lowland and to the south and the shores of the sea, the land of the Canaanites and Lebanon, unto the great river, the river Euphrates. 8See, I have given the land before you; enter and possess the land that LORD JEHOVAH swore to your fathers, to Abraham and to Isaac and to Yaquuv, to give to them and to their seed after them.’

9And I said to you at that time, ‘I alone am not able to bear you: 10LORD JEHOVAH your God has multiplied you and you are today a multitude like the stars that are in the sky. 11LORD JEHOVAH, the God of your fathers, will add to you your equal a thousand times and will bless you just as He said to you. 12How therefore can I alone carry your baggage and your cargo and your legal cases? 13Choose men for you that are wise and are understanding and known with your tribes, and I shall confirm them as your Leaders.’ 14And you answered and you said to me: ‘The word that you said to do is good.’ 15And I brought the Chiefs of your tribes, wise and knowledgeable men and I have made them Leaders over you: Heads of a thousand, and Heads of a hundred, and Heads of fifty, and Heads of ten, and the Scribes for your tribes.

16And I ordered your Judges at that time and I said to them: ‘Be listening among your brethren and judging the truth between a man and his brother and his guest. 17Do not accept persons in judgment; listen to the small like the great; you shall not be afraid before a man, because judgment is of God, and the matter that is hard for you, bring to me, and I shall hear it.’ 18And I commanded you at that time every matter that you should do.

19And we moved from Khoreeb and we traveled in that entire great and awesome wilderness that you saw in the land of the mountain of the Amorites, as LORD JEHOVAH our God commanded us, and we came unto Raqem D'Gaya. 20And I said to you: ‘You have come unto a mountain of the Amorites that LORD JEHOVAH our God gave to us. 21See that LORD JEHOVAH your God gives the land in front of you; go up and possess the land, just as LORD JEHOVAH God of your fathers said to you; you shall not be afraid and you shall not be alarmed.’

22And you came near to me, all of you, and you said: ‘We will send men before us; they will spy the land for us and they will give us a statement and they will show us the way to go into it and the towns to enter.’ 23And the answer was good in my eyes, and I brought twelve men of you, each man from a tribe: 24And they turned and came up to the mountain and they came up unto the valley of Segula and they spied out the land. 25And they took some fruit of the land with their hands and they brought it to us and they gave us a statement and they said: ‘To us the land is good that LORD JEHOVAH our God gives us.’

26And you were not willing to go up but you provoked the Word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH our God to wrath: 27And you murmured from your tents and you said, ‘Because LORD JEHOVAH hates us, He brought us out from the land of Egypt to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites, that they would destroy us. 28Where are we going up? Our brethren have broken our heart and they said to us, ‘The people are greater and taller and stronger than we, and the cities are great and walled up unto Heaven, also we saw there the sons of the giants.’ 29And I said to you: ‘You shall not be afraid and you shall not be shaken by them. 30LORD JEHOVAH your God goes before you and he fights for you according to all that He did with you in Egypt in your sight; 31And in the wilderness you saw that LORD JEHOVAH your God nourished you as a man nourishes his son, in all the land where you went until you have come to this region. 32And in this matter you do not trust in LORD JEHOVAH your God, 33Who goes before you in the way to prepare a place for you that you may dwell in it; he has shown you the way that you should go in it, in fire by night and in a cloud by day.’

34And LORD JEHOVAH heard the voice of your words and he was angry and he swore and said: 35‘None of these men of this evil generation shall see the good land that I swore to give your parents. 36Excepting only Kalab, son of Yuphana; he shall see it, and to him and to his children I shall give the land in which he has walked, because he followed wholly after LORD JEHOVAH.’ 37Also LORD JEHOVAH was angry against me for your sake and he said to me: ‘Even you shall not enter there. 38But surely Yeshua son of Nun who stands before you shall enter there; empower him because he shall cause Israel to possess it. 39And your little ones whom you have said will be for prey, and your children who do not know good and evil today, they shall enter there, and I shall give it to them and they shall inherit it. 40And you return and move to the wilderness to the way of the Sea of Reeds.’

41And you answered and you said to me: ‘We have sinned before LORD JEHOVAH our God; we shall go up and we shall fight as LORD JEHOVAH our God commanded us’ and you armed yourselves to a man with the armaments of his war and you stirred yourselves up to go up the mountain. 42And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: ‘Say to them, “You shall not go up and you shall not fight, because I am not among you, lest you will be defeated before your enemies.”’ 43And I spoke to you and you did not listen and you provoked the Word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH to wrath, and you were presumptuous and you went up to the mountain. 44And the Amorites who dwell in that mountain went out to meet you and they chased you as smoked out wasps, and they drove you out from Seir and unto Kharma. 45And you sat and you wept before LORD JEHOVAH and LORD JEHOVAH did not listen to your voice and he paid no attention. 46And you stayed in Raqem many days according to the days that you stayed.’”

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