Acts 28
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Ashore on Malta

1Having thus escap'd, we found we were upon the isle of Malta: 2where the inhabitants, as much barbarians, as they were, receiv'd us with great humanity, they kindled a fire, and secur'd us from the falling rains, as well as the cold: 3when Paul having taken up some brush-wood and laid it upon the fire, a viper started out from the heat, and seiz'd upon his hand. 4the barbarians seeing the venomous creature hang fast to his hand, said to one another, this man is a murderer, no doubt; for, escaped from the wreck, the divine justice still pursues him to death. 5but Paul shook off the animal into the fire without having receiv'd any hurt. 6however, they expected to have seen him swell, or suddenly die away, but when they had waited a good while, and saw no harm come to him, they were of another opinion, and said he was a God.

7The chief of the island, one Publius, had his estate in that quarter: he entertain'd us with diet and lodging for three days with great civility. 8Publius's father happening then to lie sick of a fever, and a dysentery, Paul made him a visit, pray'd by him, gave him imposition of hands, and cur'd him. 9upon this several that were indispos'd in the island came to Paul, and were cur'd, 10showing their respect by many presents, and furnishing us with provisions upon our departure.

Paul Arrives in Italy

11After having been there three months, we embark'd on board the Castor and Pollux from Alexandria, that had put in there by hard weather: 12we landed at Syracuse, and stay'd there three days. 13from thence we turn'd to the wind, and arriv'd at Rhegium: the next day the wind being at south, we came in two days to Puteoli: 14where finding some brethren, they desir'd us to stay with them seven days, after which we set out for Rome: 15the brethren there having had news of us, came as far as Appiiforum, and the Three inns to meet us: whom when Paul saw, he gave thanks to God, and was greatly encourag'd.

Paul Preaches at Rome

16Upon our arrival at Rome, the centurion deliver'd the prisoners to the captain of the guard: but Paul was allow'd to be at private lodgings, under the custody of a soldier.

17three days after, Paul sent for the chief of the Jews: and when they were assembled, he said to them, "my brethren, tho' I have done nothing against the Jews, or against the customs of our fathers, I was made a prisoner at Jerusalem, and put into the hands of the Romans: 18who, after my examination, would have discharg'd me, as having done nothing that was capital. 19but the Jews opposing it, I was oblig'd to appeal to the emperor: not having however any design to accuse them. 20for this reason I desir'd to see and talk with you; it being for the expectation of Israel that I am subject to this chain." 21they reply'd, we have receiv'd no letter from Judea concerning you; nor have any of our brethren that are arrived, said any harm of you. 22but we should be glad to know your sentiments: for as to this sect, we are sensible it is every where inveigh'd against.

23Having therefore set him a day, they came in great numbers to his lodgings; where he explain'd and confirm'd the reality of the gospel-dispensation, from morning to night, enforcing what the writings of Moses and the prophets had affirm'd concerning Jesus. 24some believed what he had said, but others did not believe: 25so not being able to agree, they retir'd, upon Paul's having told them, that the holy spirit had very justly said to our fathers by the prophet Esaias,

26"go to this people and say, hearing you shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and not perceive.

27for the heart of this people is become gross, their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted and I should heal them."

28take notice therefore, that the offers of divine salvation are sent to the Gentiles, and they will receive them. 29[ having said this, the Jews went out, warmly debating it among themselves.]

30After this, Paul staid two whole years in a house he had hired, and gave access to all that visited him, 31preaching the kingdom of God, and instructing them in all things relating to the Lord Jesus Christ, with the utmost freedom, without being molested.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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