1 Chronicles 4
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The Descendants of Judah

1And the sons of Juda; Phares, Esrom, and Charmi, and Or, Subal, 2and Rada his son; and Subal begot Jeth; and Jeth begot Achimai, and Laad: these are the generations of the Arathites. 3And these are the sons of Aetam; Jezrael and Jesman, and Jebdas: and their sister's name was Eselebbon. 4And Phanuel the father of Gedor, and Jazer the father of Osan: these are the sons of Or, the first-born of Ephratha, the father of Baethalaen. 5And Asur the father of Thecoe had two wives, Aoda and Thoada. 6And Aoda bore to him Ochaia, and Ephal, and Thaeman, and Aasther: all these were the sons of Aoda. 7And the sons of Thoada; Sereth, and Saar, and Esthanam. 8And Coe begot Enob, and Sabatha, and the progeny of the brother of Rechab, the son of Jarin.

The Prayer of Jabez

9And Igabes was more famous than his brethren; and his mother called his name Igabes, saying, I have born as a sorrowful one. 10And Igabes called on the God of Israel, saying, O that thou wouldest indeed bless me, and enlarge my coasts, and that thy hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest make me know that thou wilt not grieve me! And God granted him all that he asked.

More Descendants of Judah

11And Chaleb the father of Ascha begot Machir; he was the father of Assathon. 12He begot Bathraias, and Bessee, and Thaeman the founder of the city of Naas the brother of Eselom the Kenezite: these were the men of Rechab.

13And the sons of Kenez; Gothoniel, and Saraia: and the sons of Gothoniel; Athath. 14And Manathi begot Gophera: and Saraia begot Jobab, the father of Ageaddair, for they were artificers. 15And the sons of Chaleb the son of Jephonne; Er, Ada, and Noom: and the sons of Ada, Kenez. 16And the sons of Aleel, Zib, and Zepha, and Thiria, and Eserel. 17And the sons of Esri; Jether, Morad, and Apher, and Jamon: and Jether begot Maron, and Semei, and Jesba the father of Esthaemon. 18And his wife, that is Adia, bore Jared the father of Gedor, and Aber the father of Sochon, and Chetiel the father of Zamon: and these are the sons of Betthia the daughter of Pharao, whom Mored took. 19And the sons of the wife of Iduia the sister of Nachaim the father of Keila; Garmi, and Esthaemon the Nochathite. 20And the sons of Semon; Amnon, and Ana the son of Phana, and Inon: and the sons of Sei, Zoan, and the sons of Zoab.

21The sons of Selom the son of Juda; Er the father of Lechab, and Laada the father of Marisa, and the offspring of the family of Ephrathabac belonging to the house of Esoba. 22And Joakim, and the men of Chozeba, and Joas, and Saraph, who dwelt in Moab, and he changed their names to Abederin and Athukiim. 23These are the potters who dwelt in Ataim and Gadira with the king: they grew strong in his kingdom, and dwelt there.

The Descendants of Simeon

24The sons of Semeon; Namuel, and Jamin, Jarib, Zares, Saul: 25Salem his son, Mabasam his son, Masma his son: 26Amuel his son, Sabud his son, Zacchur his son, Semei his son. 27Semei had sixteen sons, and six daughters; and his brethren had not many sons, neither did all their families multiply as the sons of Juda. 28And they dwelt in Bersabee, and Molada, and in Esersual, 29and in Balaa, and in Aesem, and in Tholad, 30and in Bathuel, and in Herma, and in Sikelag, 31and in Baethmarimoth, and Hemisuseosin, and the house of Baruseorim: these were their cities until the time of king David. 32And their villages were Aetan, and En, Remnon, and Thocca, and Aesar, five cities. 33And all their villages were round about these cities, as far as Baal: this was their possession, and their distribution.

34And Mosobab, and Jemoloch, and Josia the son of Amasia; 35and Joel, and Jeu the son of Asabia, the son of Sarau, the son of Asiel; 36and Elionai, and Jocaba, and Jasuia, and Asaia, and Jediel, and Ismael, and Banaias; 37and Zuza the son of Saphai, the son of Alon, the son of Jedia, the son of Semri, the son of Samaias. 38These went by the names of princes in their families, and they increased abundantly in their fathers' households.

39And they went till they came to Gerara, to the east of Gai, to seek pasture for their cattle. 40And they found abundant and good pastures, and the land before them was wide, and there was peace and quietness; for there were some of the children of Cham who dwelt there before. 41And these who are written by name came in the days of Ezekias king of Juda, and they smote the people's houses, and the Minaeans whom they found there, and utterly destroyed them until this day: and they dwelt in their place, because there was pasture there for their cattle. 42And some of them, even of the sons of Symeon, went to mount Seir, even five hundred men; and Phalaettia, and Noadia, and Raphaia, and Oziel, sons of Jesi, were their rulers. 43And they smote the remnant that were left of Amalec, until this day.

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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