Exodus 36
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The People Bring More than Enough

1And Bezaleel wrought and Ahaliab ad all wyse harted me to whom the Lorde had geuen wysdome and vnderstondynge, to knowe how to worke all maner worke for the holye service, in all that the Lorde commaunded.

2And Moses called for Bezaleel Ahaliab and all the wise harted men in whose hertes the Lorde had put wysdome, eue as many ab their hartes coraged to come vnto the worke to worke it. 3And they receaued of Moses all the heueoffrynges which the childern of Israel had brought for the worke of the holye service to make it with all. And they brought besyde that wyllyngeoffringes euery mornyng. 4And all the wise men that wrought all the holye worke, came euery man from his worke which they made, 5and spake vnto Moses saynge: the people brynge to moch and aboue that is ynough to serue for the werke which the Lorde hath commaunded to make. 6And then Moses gaue a commaundment, and they caused it to be proclamed thorow out the hoste saynge: se that nether man nor woman prepare any moare worke for the holy heueoffrynge, and so the people were forboden to brynge: 7for the stuffe they had, was sufficyent for them vnto all the worke, to make it and to moch.

The Ten Curtains for the Tabernacle
(Exodus 26:1–6)

8And all the wyse harted men amonge them that wroughte in the worke of the habytacyon made: euen .x. corteynes of twyned bysse, Iacyncte, scarlet and purple, and made them full of cherubyns with broderd worke. 9The length of one curtayne was .xxviij. cubettes and the bredth .iiij. and were all off one syse. 10And they coupled fyue curteyns by them selues, and other fyue by them selues. 11And they made fyftye louppes of Iacincte alonge by the edge of the vtmost curtayne, euen in the silvege of the couplynge courtayne: And likewise they made on the syde of the vtmost couplinge curtayne on the other syde, 12fyftye louppes they made in the one curtayne, and fyftye in the edge of the couplynge courtayne on the other syde: so that the loupes were one oueragenst another. 13And they made fyftye rynges of golde, and coupled the curtaynes one to another with the rynges: and so was it made a dwellinge place.

The Eleven Curtains of Goat Hair
(Exodus 26:7–14)

14And they made .xi. curtaynes of gootes heere to be a tent 15ouer the tabernacle xxx. cubettes longe a pece and .iiij. cubettes brode, and they all .xi. of one syse. 16And they coupled .v. by them selues, and and .vi. by them selues, 17and they made fyftye louppes alonge by the border of the vtmost couplinge courtayne on the one syde, and fyftye in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde. 18And they made fyftye rynges of brasse to couple the tent together that it myghte be one.

19And they made a couerynge vnto the tent of rammes skynnes red, and yet another of taxus skynnes aboue all.

The Frames and Bases
(Exodus 26:15–30)

20And they made bordes for the dwellynge place of sethim wodd that stode 21vpright euery borde .x. cubetes longe and a cubet ad an halfe brode. 22And they made .ij. fete to euery boorde of the dwellinge place ioyninge one to another. 23And they made .xx. boordes for the south syde of the habytacyon, 24and .xl. sokettes of syluer vnder the .xx. boordes .ij. sokettes vnder euery boorde, euen for the .ij. fete of the. 25And for the other syde of the dwellynge towarde the north, they made other .xx. boordes 26with xl. sokettes of syluer .ij. sokettes vnder euery boorde. 27And behynde in the ende of the tabernacle towarde the west, they made .vi. boordes 28and .ij. other bordes for the corners of the habitacyon behynde, 29and they were ioyned closse both beneth and also aboue with clampes, and thus they dyd to both the corners: 30so they were in all .viij. boordes and .xvi. sokettes, vnder euery borde two sokettes.

31And they made barres of sethim wodd .v. for the bordes of the one syde of the habitacion 32and .v. for the other, ad fiue for the bordes of the west ende of the habitacion. 33And they made the myddell barre to shote thorowe the bordes: euen from the one ende to the other, 34and ouerlayde the bordes with golde, and made the rynges of golde to thrust the barres thorow, and couered the barres with golde.

The Veil
(Exodus 26:31–35)

35And they made an hangynge of Iacincte, of scarlett purple ad twyned bysse with cherubyns of broderd worke. 36And made thervnto .iiij. pilers of sethim wodd and ouerlayde them with golde. Their knoppes were also of gold, ad they cast for them .iiij. sokettes of syluer.

The Curtain for the Entrance
(Exodus 26:36–37)

37And they made an hangynge for the tabernacle dore: of Iacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse of nedle worke, 38and the pilers of it were fiue with their knoppes, and ouerlayde the heades of them and the whooppes with golde, with their fiue sokettes of brasse.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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