Exodus 26
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The Ten Curtains for the Tabernacle
(Exodus 36:8–13)

1And thou shalt make an habitatyo with ten curteynes of twyned bysse, Iacyncte scarlet and purpull, and shalt make them with cherubyns of broderd worke. 2The lenghte of a curtayne shalbe .xxviij. cubyttes, and the bredth .iiij. and they shalbe all of one measure: 3fyue curtaynes shalbe coupled together one to another: and the other fyue likewise shalbe coupled together one to another. 4Then shalt thou make louppes of Iacyncte coloure, a longe by the edge of the one curtayne even in the selvege of the couplinge courtayne. And likewise shalt thou make in the edge of the vtmost curtayne that is coupled therwith on the other syde. 5Fyftie louppes shalt thou make in the one curtayne, ad fiftie in the edge of the other that is couppled therwith on the other syde: so that the louppes be one ouer agenste a nother. 6And thou shalt make fyftie buttons of golde, and couple the curtaynes together with the buttons: that it maye be an habitacyon.

The Eleven Curtains of Goat Hair
(Exodus 36:14–19)

7And thou shalt make .xj. curtaynes of gotes heere, to be a tente to couer the habitacyo 8The lenght of a curtayne shalbe .xxx. cubettes, and the bredth .iiij. ad they shalbe all .xi. of one measure. 9And thou shalt couple .v. by the selues, and the other sixe by them selues, ad shalt double the sixte in the forefront of the tabernacle, 10And thou shalt make fyftie loupes in the edge o f the vtmost curtayne on the one syde: euen in the couplynge courtayne, and as many in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde.

11And thou shalt make fyftie buttones off brasse and put them on the louppes, and couple the tent together with all: that there may be one tabernacle. 12And the remnaunt that resteth in the curtaynes of the tente: eue the bredeth of halfe a curtayne that resteth, shalbe lefte on the backe sydes of the habitacyon: 13a cubite on the one side and a cubite on the other syde, of that that remayneth in the length of the curtaynes off the tabernacle, which shall remayne of ether syde of the habitacion to couer it with all. 14And thou shalt make another coueringe for the tente of rams skynnes dyed red: ad yet another aboue all of taxus skynnes.

The Frames and Bases
(Exodus 36:20–34)

15And thou shalt make bordes for the habitacion of sethim wod to stonde vp righte: 16ten cubettes longe shall euery borde be, ad a cubette and an halfe brode. 17Two fete shall one borde haue to couple them together with all, and so thou shalt make vnto all the bordes of the habitacion. 18And thou shalt make .xx. bordes for the habitacion on the south syde, 19and thou shalt make, xl. sokettes of syluer ad put them vnder the .xx. bordes: two sokettes vnder euery borde, for their two fete. 20In lyke maner in the northsyde of the habitacyon there shalbe .xx. bordes 21ad .xl. sokettes off syluer: two sokettes vnder euery borde. 22And for the west ende off the habitacyon, shalt thou make syxe bordes, 23ad two bordes moo for the two west corners of the habitacio: 24so that these two bordes be coupled to gether beneth and lykewyse aboue with clampes. And so shall it be in both the corners. 25And so there shalbe .viij. bordes in all and .xvi. solettes of syluer: ij. sokettes vnder euery borde.

26And thou shalt make barres off sethimwod fiue for the bordes of the one side of the tabernacle, 27and fyue for the other syde, and fyue for the bordes off the west ende. 28And the mydle barre shall goo alonge thorowe the myddes of the bordes and barre them together fro the one ende vnto the other. 29And thou shalt couer the bordes with golde and make golden rynges for them to put the barres thorow, ad shalt couer the barres with golde also. 30And rere vp the habitacion acordinge to the facion ther of that was shewed the in the mount.

The Veil
(Exodus 36:35–36)

31And thou shalt make a vayle off Iacyncte, of scarlett, purpull and twyned bysse, and shalt make it off broderd worke and full of cherubyns. 32And hange it vppon .iiij. pilers of sethim wodd couered with golde ad that their knoppes be couered with golde also and stonde apon .iiij. sokettes of syluer. 33And thou shalt hage vp the vayle with rynges, and shall brynge in within the vayle, the arke of wittnesse. And the vayle shall deuyde the holye from the most holye. 34And thou shalt put the mercyseate vppon the arcke of witnesse in the holyest place. 35And thou shalt put the table without the vayle and candelsticke ouer agaynst the table: vppon the south syde of the habitacion. And put the table on the north syde.

The Curtain for the Entrance
(Exodus 36:37–38)

36And thou shalt make an hangynge for the doore of the tabernacle: of Iacyncte. off scarlett, off purpull and off twyned bysse, wroughte with nedle worke. 37And thou shalt make for the hangynge, fiue pilers off sethim wodd, and couer both them ad their knoppes with golde, and shalt cast .v. sokettes off brasse for them.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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