Exodus 25
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Offerings for the Tabernacle
(Exodus 35:4–9)

1And the Lorde talked with Moses saynge: 2speake vnto the childern of Israel that they geue me an heueoffrynge, and of euerey man that geueth it willingly wyth his herte, ye shall take it. 3And this is the heueoffrynge which ye shall take of them: gold, siluer ad brasse: 4and Iacyncte coloure, scarlet. purpull, bysse and gootes here: 5rams skynnes that are red, and the skynnes of taxus and sethimwodd, 6oyle for lightes and spices for a noyntynge oyle and for swete cense: 7Onix stones and sett stones for the Ephod and for the brestlappe. 8And they shall make me a sanctuarye that I maye dwell amonge them. 9And as I haue shewed the the facion of the habitacio and of all the ornamentes therof, eue so se that ye make it in all thynges.

The Ark of the Covenant
(Exodus 37:1–5)

10And they shall make an arke of sethim wodd .ij. cubittes and an halfe longe, a cubite ad an halfe brode and a cubitt and an halfe hye. 11And thou shalt ouerleye it with pure golde: both within and without, and shalt make an hye vppon it a crowne of golde rounde aboute. 12And thou shalt cast .iiij. rynges of golde for it and put them in the .iiij. corners there of .ij. rynges on the one syde of it and ij. on the other. 13And thou shalt make staues of sethim wodd and couer them with golde, 14and put the staues in the rynges alonge by the sydes of the arke, to bere it with all. 15And the staues shall abyde in the rynges of the arke, and shall not be taken awaye. 16And thou shalt put in the arke, the wytnesse which I shall geue the.

The Mercy Seat
(Exodus 37:6–9)

17And thou shalt make a merciseate of pure golde .ij. cubytes and an halfe longe and a cubete and an halfe brode. 18And make .ij. cherubyns off thicke golde on the .ij. endes of the mercyseate: 19and sett the one cherub on the one ende and the other on the other ende of the mercyseate: so se that thou make them on the ij. endes there of. 20And the cherubyns shall stretch their wynges abrode ouer an hye, ad couer the mercy seate with their wynges, and theyr faces shall loke one to another: eue to the mercyseate warde, shall the faces of the cherubyns be. 21And thou shalt put the mercyseate aboue apon the arke, ad in the arke thou shalt put the wytnesse which I will geue the. 22There I will mete the and will comon with the from apon the mercyseate from betwene the two cherubyns which are apon the arke of witnesse, of all thynge which I will geue the in commaundment vnto the childern of Israel.

The Table of Showbread
(Exodus 37:10–16; Leviticus 24:5–9)

23Thou shalt also make a table of sethim wod of two cubittes longe and one cubett brode ad a cubett ad an halfe hye. 24And couer it with pure golde and make there to a crowne of golde rounde aboute. 25And make vnto that an whope of .iiij. fyngers brode, rounde aboute, And make a golde crowne also to the whope rounde aboute. 26And make for it .iiij. rynges of golde and put them in the corners that are on the .iiij. fete therof: 27eue harde vnder the whope shall the rynges be, to put in staues to bere the table with all. 28And thou shalt make staues of Sethim wore and ouerleye the with golde, that the table maye be borne with them 29And thou shalt make his disshes, spones, pottes and flatpeces to poure out withall, of fyne golde. 30And thou shalt sett apon the table, shewbred before me allwaye.

The Lampstand
(Exodus 37:17–24; Numbers 8:1–4)

31And thou shalt make a candelsticke of pure thicke golde with his shaft, braunches, bolles, knoppes ad floures proceadynge there out 32Syxe braunches shall procede out of the sydes of the candelsticke .iij. out of the one syde and iij. out of the other. 33And there shalbe .iij. cuppes like vnto almondes with knoppes ad floures vppon euery one of the .vi. braunches that procede out of the cadelstycke: 34and in the candelsticke selfe .iiij. cuppes like vnto almondes with their knoppes and floures: 35that there be a knope vnder eueri .ij. brauches of the syxe that procede out of the cadelstycke. 36And the knoppes and the braunches shall be altogether, one pece of pure thicke golde. 37And thou shalt make .vij. lampes and put them an hye there on, to geue lighte vnto the other syde that is ouer agaynst it: 38with snoffers and fyre pannes of pure golde. 39And hundred pounde weyghte of fyne golde shall make it with all the apparell. 40And se that thou make them after the facyon that was shewed the in the mounte.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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