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liš·lōl — 3 Occurrences

Isaiah 10:6
HEB: עֶבְרָתִ֖י אֲצַוֶּ֑נּוּ לִשְׁלֹ֤ל שָׁלָל֙ וְלָבֹ֣ז
NAS: of My fury To capture booty
KJV: will I give him a charge, to take the spoil,
INT: of my fury and commission to capture booty seize

Ezekiel 38:12
HEB: לִשְׁלֹ֥ל שָׁלָ֖ל וְלָבֹ֣ז
NAS: to capture spoil and to seize
KJV: To take a spoil, and to take
INT: to capture spoil seize

Ezekiel 38:13
HEB: מִקְנֶ֣ה וְקִנְיָ֔ן לִשְׁלֹ֖ל שָׁלָ֥ל גָּדֽוֹל׃
NAS: and goods, to capture great
KJV: and goods, to take a great
INT: cattle and goods to capture prey great

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