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’ā·ḥo·rān — 2 Occurrences

Daniel 2:44
HEB: וּמַ֨לְכוּתָ֔ה לְעַ֥ם אָחֳרָ֖ן לָ֣א תִשְׁתְּבִ֑ק
KJV: be left to other people,
INT: and kingdom people to other or even will not be left

Daniel 3:29
HEB: אִיתַי֙ אֱלָ֣ה אָחֳרָ֔ן דִּֽי־ יִכֻּ֥ל
NAS: as there is no other god who
KJV: there is no other God that can
INT: as there god other who is able

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