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wə·’ā·ḥo·rān — 2 Occurrences

Daniel 2:11
HEB: שָׁאֵל֙ יַקִּירָ֔ה וְאָחֳרָן֙ לָ֣א אִיתַ֔י
NAS: is no one else who
KJV: none other that can shew
INT: demands is difficult one is no and there

Daniel 7:24
HEB: מַלְכִ֖ין יְקֻמ֑וּן וְאָחֳרָ֞ן יְק֣וּם אַחֲרֵיה֗וֹן
NAS: will arise; and another will arise
KJV: [that] shall arise: and another shall rise
INT: kings will arise and another will arise after

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