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sā·rî·sê — 2 Occurrences

Esther 2:21
HEB: וָתֶ֜רֶשׁ שְׁנֵֽי־ סָרִיסֵ֤י הַמֶּ֙לֶךְ֙ מִשֹּׁמְרֵ֣י
NAS: of the king's officials from those who guarded
KJV: of the king's chamberlains, Bigthan
INT: and Teresh two officials of the king's guarded

Esther 6:2
HEB: וָתֶ֗רֶשׁ שְׁנֵי֙ סָרִיסֵ֣י הַמֶּ֔לֶךְ מִשֹּׁמְרֵ֖י
NAS: of the king's eunuchs who were doorkeepers,
KJV: of the king's chamberlains, the keepers
INT: and Teresh two eunuchs of the king's the keepers

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