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šā·rā·šāw — 4 Occurrences

Job 8:17
HEB: עַל־ גַּ֭ל שָֽׁרָשָׁ֣יו יְסֻבָּ֑כוּ בֵּ֖ית
NAS: His roots wrap around a rock pile,
KJV: His roots are wrapped about the heap,
INT: and A rock his roots wrap A house

Job 18:16
HEB: מִ֭תַּחַת שָֽׁרָשָׁ֣יו יִבָ֑שׁוּ וּ֝מִמַּ֗עַל
NAS: His roots are dried below,
KJV: His roots shall be dried up
INT: Thahash his roots are dried and above

Jeremiah 17:8
HEB: יוּבַל֙ יְשַׁלַּ֣ח שָֽׁרָשָׁ֔יו וְלֹ֤א [יִרָא
NAS: That extends its roots by a stream
KJV: and [that] spreadeth out her roots by the river,
INT: A stream extends roots Nor affright

Hosea 14:5
HEB: כַּשּֽׁוֹשַׁנָּ֑ה וְיַ֥ךְ שָׁרָשָׁ֖יו כַּלְּבָנֽוֹן׃
NAS: And he will take root like [the cedars of] Lebanon.
KJV: and cast forth his roots as Lebanon.
INT: the lily will take root Lebanon

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