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wā·yā·yin — 7 Occurrences

Genesis 14:18
HEB: הוֹצִ֖יא לֶ֣חֶם וָיָ֑יִן וְה֥וּא כֹהֵ֖ן
NAS: out bread and wine; now he was a priest
KJV: bread and wine: and he [was] the priest
INT: brought bread and wine now he was a priest

Judges 19:19
HEB: וְ֠גַם לֶ֣חֶם וָיַ֤יִן יֶשׁ־ לִי֙
NAS: bread and wine for me, your maidservant,
KJV: and there is bread and wine also for me, and for thy handmaid,
INT: is both bread and wine there your maidservant

2 Chronicles 11:11
HEB: מַאֲכָ֖ל וְשֶׁ֥מֶן וָיָֽיִן׃
NAS: of food, oil and wine.
KJV: of victual, and of oil and wine.
INT: of food oil and wine

Nehemiah 5:15
HEB: מֵהֶ֜ם בְּלֶ֤חֶם וָיַ֙יִן֙ אַחַר֙ כֶּֽסֶף־
NAS: from them bread and wine besides
KJV: of them bread and wine, beside
INT: them bread and wine besides of silver

Isaiah 5:12
HEB: תֹּ֧ף וְחָלִ֛יל וָיַ֖יִן מִשְׁתֵּיהֶ֑ם וְאֵ֨ת
NAS: and flute, and by wine; But they do not pay attention
KJV: and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts:
INT: tambourine and flute wine their banquets to the deeds

Lamentations 2:12
HEB: אַיֵּ֖ה דָּגָ֣ן וָיָ֑יִן בְּהִֽתְעַטְּפָ֤ם כֶּֽחָלָל֙
NAS: is grain and wine? As they faint
KJV: Where [is] corn and wine? when they swooned
INT: Where is grain banqueting cover A wounded

Daniel 10:3
HEB: אָכַ֗לְתִּי וּבָשָׂ֥ר וָיַ֛יִן לֹא־ בָ֥א
NAS: nor did meat or wine enter my mouth,
KJV: flesh nor wine in my mouth,
INT: eat meat wine nor enter

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