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hay·ya·yin — 18 Occurrences

Genesis 9:21
HEB: וַיֵּ֥שְׁתְּ מִן־ הַיַּ֖יִן וַיִּשְׁכָּ֑ר וַיִּתְגַּ֖ל
NAS: He drank of the wine and became drunk,
KJV: And he drank of the wine, and was drunken;
INT: drank at of the wine and became and uncovered

Numbers 6:4
HEB: יֵעָשֶׂ֜ה מִגֶּ֣פֶן הַיַּ֗יִן מֵחַרְצַנִּ֛ים וְעַד־
NAS: that is produced by the grape vine,
KJV: nothing that is made of the vine tree,
INT: produced vine the grape from seeds even

Joshua 9:13
HEB: וְאֵ֨לֶּה נֹאד֤וֹת הַיַּ֙יִן֙ אֲשֶׁ֣ר מִלֵּ֣אנוּ
KJV: And these bottles of wine, which we filled,
INT: These wineskins of wine which filled

Judges 13:14
HEB: יֵצֵא֩ מִגֶּ֨פֶן הַיַּ֜יִן לֹ֣א תֹאכַ֗ל
NAS: nor drink wine or strong drink, nor
KJV: neither let her drink wine or strong drink,
INT: comes the vine wine should not eat

1 Samuel 25:37
HEB: בַבֹּ֗קֶר בְּצֵ֤את הַיַּ֙יִן֙ מִנָּבָ֔ל וַתַּגֶּד־
NAS: But in the morning, when the wine had gone
KJV: But it came to pass in the morning, when the wine was gone out
INT: the morning had gone the wine of Nabal told

1 Chronicles 27:27
HEB: שֶׁבַּכְּרָמִים֙ לְאֹצְר֣וֹת הַיַּ֔יִן זַבְדִּ֖י הַשִּׁפְמִֽי׃
NAS: of the produce of the vineyards [stored] in the wine cellars.
KJV: over the increase of the vineyards for the wine cellars
INT: of the vineyards cellars the wine and Zabdi the Shiphmite

Nehemiah 2:1
HEB: וָאֶשָּׂ֤א אֶת־ הַיַּ֙יִן֙ וָאֶתְּנָ֣ה לַמֶּ֔לֶךְ
NAS: him, and I took up the wine and gave
KJV: him: and I took up the wine, and gave
INT: before took the wine and gave to the king

Esther 5:6
HEB: לְאֶסְתֵּר֙ בְּמִשְׁתֵּ֣ה הַיַּ֔יִן מַה־ שְּׁאֵלָתֵ֖ךְ
NAS: As they drank their wine at the banquet,
KJV: at the banquet of wine, What [is] thy petition?
INT: to Esther drank their wine What is your petition

Esther 7:2
HEB: הַשֵּׁנִי֙ בְּמִשְׁתֵּ֣ה הַיַּ֔יִן מַה־ שְּׁאֵלָתֵ֛ךְ
NAS: as they drank their wine at the banquet,
KJV: at the banquet of wine, What [is] thy petition,
INT: the second drank their wine What is your petition

Esther 7:7
HEB: בַּחֲמָתוֹ֙ מִמִּשְׁתֵּ֣ה הַיַּ֔יִן אֶל־ גִּנַּ֖ת
NAS: from drinking wine [and went] into the palace
KJV: from the banquet of wine in his wrath
INT: his anger drinking wine against garden

Esther 7:8
HEB: בֵּ֣ית ׀ מִשְׁתֵּ֣ה הַיַּ֗יִן וְהָמָן֙ נֹפֵ֔ל
NAS: where they were drinking wine, Haman
KJV: of the banquet of wine; and Haman
INT: the place where wine Haman was falling

Proverbs 23:30
HEB: לַֽמְאַחֲרִ֥ים עַל־ הַיָּ֑יִן לַ֝בָּאִ֗ים לַחְקֹ֥ר
NAS: long over wine, Those who go
KJV: They that tarry long at the wine; they that go
INT: linger over wine go to taste

Songs 2:4
HEB: אֶל־ בֵּ֣ית הַיָּ֔יִן וְדִגְל֥וֹ עָלַ֖י
NAS: He has brought me to [his] banquet hall,
KJV: He brought me to the banqueting house,
INT: about hall to banquet and his banner over

Isaiah 24:11
HEB: צְוָחָ֥ה עַל־ הַיַּ֖יִן בַּֽחוּצ֑וֹת עָֽרְבָה֙
NAS: concerning the wine; All
KJV: [There is] a crying for wine in the streets;
INT: is an outcry concerning the wine the streets turns

Isaiah 28:7
HEB: נִבְלְע֣וּ מִן־ הַיַּ֗יִן תָּעוּ֙ מִן־
NAS: They are confused by wine, they stagger
KJV: of wine, they are out of the way
INT: are confused of wine stagger with

Jeremiah 25:15
HEB: אֶת־ כּ֨וֹס הַיַּ֧יִן הַחֵמָ֛ה הַזֹּ֖את
NAS: cup of the wine of wrath
KJV: unto me; Take the wine cup
INT: Take cup of the wine of wrath from

Habakkuk 2:5
HEB: וְאַף֙ כִּֽי־ הַיַּ֣יִן בּוֹגֵ֔ד גֶּ֥בֶר
NAS: Furthermore, wine betrays the haughty
KJV: Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, [he is] a proud
INT: Furthermore for wine betrays man

Haggai 2:12
HEB: הַנָּזִ֜יד וְאֶל־ הַיַּ֧יִן וְאֶל־ שֶׁ֛מֶן
NAS: or cooked food, wine, oil,
KJV: or pottage, or wine, or oil,
INT: cooked about wine about oil

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