Romans 16
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1I entrust Phoebe our sister to you, who is a Servant of the church of Qenkraus, 2That you would accept her in Our Lord, as that is right for Saints, and in any matter that she seeks of you, that you would help her, because she is also a helper to many and also to me.

3Invoke the peace of Priscilla and of Aqilaus, laborers who are with me in Yeshua The Messiah; 4And they have yielded their necks for my sake, and I do not thank them only, but also all the churches of the Gentiles. 5And give greetings to the church that is in their house. Invoke the peace of Epentos my beloved, who is the first fruits of Akaia in The Messiah. 6Invoke the peace of Maria, who has labored much among you. 7Invoke the peace of Andronicus and of Junia, my relatives who were captives with me and were known by The Apostles and they were in The Messiah before me. 8Invoke the peace of Amphilius, beloved in Our Lord. 9Invoke the peace of Eurbanus, who is with us in The Messiah, and Estakus my beloved. 10Invoke the peace of Appela, chosen in Our Lord. Invoke the peace of the members in the house of Aristobulus. 11Invoke the peace of Herodion, my brother. 12Invoke the peace of Trupana and Trupsa who labored in Our Lord; invoke the peace of Persis my beloved, who labored much in Our Lord. 13Invoke the peace of Rufus, chosen in Our Lord, and of his mother and mine. 14Invoke the peace of Asunqritus and of Plagon and of the brethren who are with them, and of Harma and of Petroba and of Harme. 15Invoke the peace of Pillagus and of Julia, of Nereus, of his sister and of Alumpa and of all The Holy Ones with them. 16Invoke the peace of one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of The Messiah invoke your peace.

17But I beg of you my brethren, beware of those who are causing division and subversion outside of the doctrine which you have learned, that you should stay away from them. 18For those who are such are not serving our Lord Yeshua The Messiah, but their own belly, and with sweet words and with blessings they deceive the hearts of the pure. 19But your obedience has been made known to everyone. I rejoice therefore in you and desire that you would be wise to what is good and innocent to what is evil. 20But The God of peace shall soon crush Satan under your feet. May the grace of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah be with you.

21Timotheus, a worker with me invokes your peace, and Luqios, and Aison and Sosipatros, my brothers.

22I, Tertius, invoke your peace, who have written the epistle by Our Lord.

23Gaius, who receives me and the whole church, invokes your peace. Aristus, steward of the city, and Quertus a brother, invokes your peace. 24But unto God who is able to confirm you by my Gospel, which has been preached concerning Yeshua The Messiah, by the revelation of the mystery, which from the times of the world has been hidden,

25But has been revealed in this time by the Scriptures of The Prophets, and has been taught to all the nations by the commandment of The Eternal God for the hearing sense of faith, 26Unto him Who alone is wise belongs The glory, by Yeshua The Messiah, for the eternity of eternities. Amen. 27The grace of our Lord Yeshua The Messiah be with all of you. Amen.

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Glenn David Bauscher
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