Genesis 45
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1And Joseph has not been able to refrain himself before all those standing by him, and he calls, “Put out every man from me”; and no man has stood with him when Joseph makes himself known to his brothers, 2and he gives forth his voice in weeping, and the Egyptians hear, and the house of Pharaoh hears. 3And Joseph says to his brothers, “I [am] Joseph, is my father yet alive?” And his brothers have not been able to answer him, for they have been troubled at his presence.

4And Joseph says to his brothers, “Please come near to me,” and they come near; and he says, “I [am] your brother Joseph, whom you sold into Egypt; 5and now, do not be grieved, nor let it be displeasing in your eyes that you sold me here, for God has sent me before you to preserve life. 6Because these two years the famine [is] in the heart of the land, and yet five years [remain in] which there is neither plowing nor harvest; 7and God sends me before you, to place a remnant of you in the land, and to give life to you by a great escape; 8and now, you have not sent me here, but God, and He sets me for a father to Pharaoh, and for lord to all his house, and ruler over all the land of Egypt.

9Hurry, and go up to my father, then you have said to him, Thus said your son Joseph: God has set me for lord to all Egypt; come down to me, do not stay, 10and you have dwelt in the land of Goshen, and been near to me, you and your sons, and your son’s sons, and your flock, and your herd, and all that you have, 11and I have nourished you there—for yet [are] five years of famine—lest you become poor, you and your household, and all that you have. 12And behold, your eyes are seeing, and the eyes of my brother Benjamin, that [it is] my mouth which is speaking to you; 13and you have declared to my father all my glory in Egypt, and all that you have seen, and you have hurried, and have brought down my father here.” 14And he falls on the neck of his brother Benjamin, and weeps, and Benjamin has wept on his neck; 15and he kisses all his brothers, and weeps over them; and afterward his brothers have spoken with him.

16And the sound has been heard in the house of Pharaoh, saying, “The brothers of Joseph have come”; and it is good in the eyes of Pharaoh, and in the eyes of his servants, 17and Pharaoh says to Joseph, “Say to your brothers, This you do: load your beasts, and go, enter the land of Canaan, 18and take your father, and your households, and come to me, and I give to you the good of the land of Egypt, and you eat the fat of the land. 19Indeed, you have been commanded: this you do, take for yourselves out of the land of Egypt, wagons for your infants, and for your wives, and you have brought your father, and come; 20and your eye has no pity on your vessels, for the good of all the land of Egypt [is] yours.”

21And the sons of Israel do so, and Joseph gives wagons to them by the command of Pharaoh, and he gives to them provision for the way; 22to all of them has he given—to each changes of garments, and to Benjamin he has given three hundred pieces of silver, and five changes of garments; 23and to his father he has sent thus: ten donkeys carrying of the good things of Egypt, and ten female donkeys carrying grain and bread, even food for his father for the way.

24And he sends his brothers away, and they go; and he says to them, “Do not be angry in the way.”

25And they go up out of Egypt, and come to the land of Canaan, to their father Jacob, 26and they declare to him, saying, “Joseph [is] yet alive,” and that he [is] ruler over all the land of Egypt; and his heart ceases, for he has not given credence to them. 27And they speak to him all the words of Joseph, which he has spoken to them, and he sees the wagons which Joseph has sent to carry him away, and the spirit of their father Jacob lives; 28and Israel says, “Enough! My son Joseph [is] yet alive; I go and see him before I die.”

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