Isaiah 22
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1The burden of the Valley of Vision. What is [troubling] you now, that you have gone up, "" All of you—to the roofs?

2Full of stirs—a noisy city—an exulting city, "" Your pierced are not pierced of the sword, "" Nor dead in battle.

3All your rulers fled from the bow together, "" All found of you have been bound, "" They have been kept bound together, "" They have fled far off.

4Therefore I said, “Look [away] from me, "" I am bitter in my weeping, do not hurry to comfort me, "" For the destruction of the daughter of my people.”

5For a day of noise, and of treading down, "" And of perplexity, [is] to the Lord, YHWH of Hosts, "" In the Valley of Vision, digging down a wall, "" And crying to the mountain.

6And Elam has carried a quiver, "" In a chariot of men—horsemen, "" And Kir has exposed a shield.

7And it comes to pass, "" The choice of your valleys have been full of chariots, "" And the horsemen diligently place themselves at the gate.

8And one removes the covering of Judah, "" And in that day you look "" To the armor of the house of the forest,

9And you have seen the breaches of the City of David, "" For they have become many, "" And you gather the waters of the lower pool,

10And you numbered the houses of Jerusalem, "" And you break down the houses to fortify the wall.

11And you made a ditch between the two walls, "" For the waters of the old pool, "" And you have not looked to its Maker, "" And you have not seen its Framer of old.

12And the Lord calls, YHWH of Hosts, "" In that day, to weeping and to lamentation, "" And to baldness and to girding on of sackcloth,

13And behold, joy and gladness, slaying of oxen, "" And slaughtering of sheep, "" Eating of flesh, and drinking of wine, "" Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.

14And it has been revealed in my ears, "" [By] YHWH of Hosts: This iniquity is not pardoned to you, "" Until you die, said the Lord, YHWH of Hosts.

15Thus said the Lord, YHWH of Hosts: “Go forth, go to this steward, "" To Shebna, who [is] over the house:

16What are you [doing] here? And who has [allowed] you here? That you have hewn out a tomb for yourself here? Hewing his tomb on high, "" Carving a dwelling for himself in a rock.

17Behold, YHWH is casting you up and down, "" A casting up and down, O mighty one,

18And your coverer covering, wrapping around, "" Wraps you around, O babbler, "" On a land of broad sides—there you die, "" And there the chariots of your glory [are] the shame of the house of your lord.

19And I have thrust you from your station, "" And he throws you down from your office.

20And it has come to pass in that day, "" That I have called to My servant, "" To Eliakim son of Hilkiah.

21And I have clothed him with your coat, "" And I strengthen him with your girdle, "" And I give your garment into his hand, "" And he has been for a father to the inhabitant of Jerusalem, "" And to the house of Judah.

22And I have placed the key "" Of the house of David on his shoulder, "" And he has opened, and none is shutting, "" And has shut, and none is opening.

23And I have fixed him [as] a nail in a steadfast place, "" And he has been for a throne of glory "" To the house of his father.

24And they have hanged on him "" All the glory of the house of his father, "" The offspring and the issue, "" All vessels of small quality, "" From vessels of basins to all vessels of flagons. 25In that day—a declaration of YHWH of Hosts, "" The nail that is fixed is moved "" In a steadfast place, "" Indeed, it has been cut down, and has fallen, "" And the burden that [is] on it has been cut off, "" For YHWH has spoken!”

Literal Standard Version
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