Psalm 104
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1Bless, O my soul, YHWH! YHWH, my God, "" You have been very great, "" You have put on splendor and majesty.

2Covering Himself [with] light as a garment, "" Stretching out the heavens as a curtain,

3Who is laying the beam of His upper chambers in the waters, "" Who is making thick clouds His chariot, "" Who is walking on wings of wind,

4Making His messengers—the winds, "" His ministers—the flaming fire.

5He has founded earth on its bases, "" It is not moved for all time and forever.

6The abyss! You have covered it as with clothing, "" Waters stand above hills.

7They flee from Your rebuke, "" They hurry away from the voice of Your thunder.

8They go up hills—they go down valleys, "" To a place You have founded for them.

9You have set a border, they do not pass over, "" They do not turn back to cover the earth.

10He is sending forth fountains in valleys, "" They go on between hills.

11They water every beast of the field, "" Wild donkeys break their thirst.

12The bird of the heavens dwells by them, "" From between the branches "" They give forth the voice.

13Watering hills from His upper chambers, "" The earth is satisfied from the fruit of Your works.

14Causing grass to spring up for livestock, "" And herb for the service of man, "" To bring forth bread from the earth,

15And wine—it makes the heart of man glad, "" To cause the face to shine from oil, "" And bread—it supports the heart of man.

16The trees of YHWH [are] satisfied, "" Cedars of Lebanon that He has planted,

17Where birds make nests, "" The stork—the firs [are] her house.

18The high hills [are] for wild goats, rocks [are] a refuge for hyraxes,

19He made the moon for seasons, "" The sun has known his place of entrance.

20You set darkness, and it is night, "" Every beast of the forest creeps in it.

21The young lions are roaring for prey, "" And to seek their food from God.

22The sun rises, they are gathered, "" And they crouch in their dens.

23Man goes forth to his work, "" And to his service—until evening.

24How many have been Your works, O YHWH, "" You have made all of them in wisdom, "" The earth is full of your possessions.

25This, the sea, great and broad of sides, "" There [are] moving things—innumerable, "" Living creatures—small with great.

26There ships go—[and] leviathan, "" That You have formed to play in it.

27All of them look to You, "" To give their food in its season.

28You give to them—they gather, "" You open Your hand—they [are] satisfied [with] good.

29You hide Your face—they are troubled, "" You gather their spirit—they expire, "" And they return to their dust.

30You send out Your Spirit, they are created, "" And You renew the face of the ground.

31The glory of YHWH is for all time, "" YHWH rejoices in His works,

32Who is looking to earth, and it trembles, "" He comes against hills, and they smoke.

33I sing to YHWH during my life, "" I sing praise to my God while I exist.

34My meditation on Him is sweet, "" I rejoice in YHWH.

35Sinners are consumed from the earth, "" And the wicked are no more. Bless, O my soul, YHWH. Praise YAH!

Literal Standard Version
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