Isaiah 63:2

Mighty to save. The question is asked, Who is this?" and the answer is given in Eastern figures of speech, which represent Christ's character and work.

I. THE SAVIOUR COMES WITH A GREAT SACRIFICE. With "dyed garments;" for the cross lies at the foundation of the world's recovery. We are weary of all theories of atonement from Anselm's day downwards, but the atonement remains as the central truth of our religion. It rests on our Lord's own authority as well as upon St. Paul's; for he said himself, "This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you for the remission of sins."

II. THE SAVIOUR COMES IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. He is the express Image of the Father. "Glorious in his apparel," so that through all the ages men may see truth turned into life. Once in all history we see One who was holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners." Christ was "clothed with light as with a garment,"


1. Mighty - in his own revealed grace and power.

2. Mighty - in that every degree of guilt and sin is reached by his infinite arm.

3. Mighty - in that he saves right through, which is the meaning of the word "to the uttermost." - W.M.S.

We are Thine.
suggests strong encouragement in their supplications at the throne of grace. The Lord God is more ready to give good things to them that ask Him than earthly parents are go give to their children. They may be poor, stingy, or hard-hearted; whereas the treasures of our heavenly Father are inexhaustible, His liberality is unbounded, and His compassions never fail.

(R. Macculloch.)

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