1 Kings 17
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The Ravens Feed Elijah

1And Elias ye Thesbite, which was of the inhabiters of Gilead, sayde vnto Ahab: As the Lorde God of Israel lyueth, before whom I stande, there shalbe neither deawe nor rayne these yeres, but according to my worde. 2And the worde of the Lorde came vnto him, saying: 3Get thee hence, & turne thee eastward, and hide thy selfe in the brooke Cherith, that is, it that lyeth before Iordane. 4Thou shalt drinke of the ryuer, and I haue commaunded the rauens to feede thee there. 5And so he went, and did according vnto the word of the Lorde: for he went, and dwelt by the brooke Cherith that is before Iordane. 6And the rauens brought him bread and fleshe in the morning, and likewyse bread and fleshe in the euening: and he drancke of the brooke. 7And it chaunced after a while that the brooke dryed vp, because there fell no rayne vpon the earth.

The Widow of Zarephath

8And the word of the Lorde came vnto him, saying: 9Up, and get thee to Zarphath, which is in Sidon, and dwell there: Beholde, I haue commaunded a wydow there to sustaine thee. 10So he arose, and went to Zarphath: and when he came to the gate of the citie, beholde the widow was there gathering of stickes: And he called to her, and said: set me I pray thee a litle water in a vessel, that I may drincke. 11And as she was going to fet it, he cryed after her, and saide: bryng me I pray thee a morsell of bread also in thyne hand. 12She sayde: As the Lorde thy God lyueth, I haue no bread redy, but euen an handful of meale in a barrel, & a litle oyle in a cruse: And beholde, I am gathering two stickes, for to go in and dresse it for me and my sonne, that we may eate it, and dye. 13And Elias saide vnto her, Feare not, go, and do as thou hast saide: but make me thereof a litle cake first of all, & bring it vnto me, and afterward make for thee and thy sonne. 14For thus saith the Lord God of Israel: The meale in the barrel shall not be wasted, neither shal the oyle in the cruse be minished, vntil the Lorde haue sent rayne vpon the earth. 15And she went, and did as Elias sayde: And she, and he, and her house, did eate a good space. 16And the meale wasted not out of the barrell, neither was the oyle spent out of the cruse, according to the word of the Lorde which he spake by the hande of Elias.

Elijah Raises the Widow’s Son

17And after these thinges, it happened that the sonne of the wyfe of the house fel sicke, & his sicknesse was so sore that there was no breath left in him. 18And she said vnto Elias: What haue I to do with thee O thou man of God? Art thou come vnto me to call my sinne againe to remembraunce, and to slay my sonne? 19He saide vnto her: geue me thy sonne. And he toke him out of her lap, & caried him vp into a loft where he abode, and layde him vpon his owne bed: 20And called vnto the Lorde, and saide: O Lorde my God, hast thou punished also this wydow with whom I dwell as a straunger, & hast slaine her sonne? 21And he stretched him selfe vpon the childe three tymes, and called vnto the Lorde, and saide: O Lorde my God, I pray thee let this childes soule come into him againe. 22And the Lord heard the voyce of Elias, & the soule of the childe came into him againe, and he reuiued. 23And Elias toke the boye, and brought him downe out of the chamber into the house, and deliuered him vnto his mother: And Elias saide, Behold, thy sonne lyueth. 24And the woman said vnto Elias: Now I knowe that thou art a man of God, and that the worde of the Lorde in thy mouth, is true.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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