Psalm 104
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

How Many Are Your Works, O LORD!

1My soule blesse thou God: O God my Lord thou art become exceeding great, thou hast put on glory and maiestie.

2Who is decked with light as it were with a garment: spreadyng out the heauens like a curtayne.

3Who seeleth his vpper chaumbers with waters: and maketh the cloudes his charriot, and walketh vpon the wynges of the wynde.

4He maketh his angels spirites: and his ministers a flaming fire.

5He hath layde the earth sure vpon her foundations: that it can neuer moue at any tyme.

6Thou coueredst it with the deepe, lyke as with a garment: the waters stande vpon the hilles.

7At thy rebuke they flee: at the noyse of thy thunder they bluster downe apace.

8The hilles mount aloft: and the valleys settle downe beneath vnto the place where thou hast layde a foundation for them.

9Thou hast set them their boundes which they shall not passe: neither shall they returne agayne to couer the earth.

10Who also causeth the springes which runne betweene the hilles: to flowe into the riuers.

11All beastes of the fielde drinke therof: and the wylde asses quench their thirst.

12The foules of the ayre haue their habitation nigh vnto them: singing out of the midst of the bowes of trees.

13He watereth the hilles from aboue: the earth is replenished with the fruite of thy workes.

14He causeth grasse to growe for cattell: and hearbes for the vse of man.

15That he may bryng foorth foode out of the earth: both wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oyle to make hym haue a chearefull countenaunce, & also bread to strengthen mans heart.

16The trees of God be satisfied: euen the Cedars of Libanus which he hath planted.

17Wherin the birdes make their nestes: in the fyrre trees the storke buyldeth.

18The high hilles are a refuge for goates: and so are the stonie rockes for conies.

19He hath made the moone for certayne seasons: and the sunne knoweth his goyng downe.

20Thou makest darknes and it is night: wherein all the beastes of the forrest do go abrode.

21The Lions do roare after a pray: and in seeking their meate of God.

22When the sunne ariseth, they recoyle backe: and lay them downe to rest in their dennes.

23Man goeth foorth to his worke: and to do his seruice vntyll the euening.

24O God howe manyfolde are thy workes? thou hast made them al in wisdome, the earth is ful of thy ryches.

25So is the sea it selfe large and wyde in compasse: wherein are thinges creeping innumerable, both small and great beastes.

26There go the shippes, and there is that Leuiathan: whom thou hast made to take his pastime therin.

27These wayte all vpon thee: that thou mayest geue them meate in due season.

28When thou geuest it them, they gather it: and when thou openest thyne hand, they are filled with that which is good.

29When thou hydest thy face, they are troubled: when thou takest away their spirite, they dye, and are turned agayne to their dust.

30When thou sendest out thy spirite, they be recreated: and thou reuiuest the face of the earth.

31The glorious maiestie of God shal endure for euer: God wyll reioyce in his workes.

32He beholdeth the earth, & it trembleth: he toucheth the hilles, and they smoke.

33I wyll syng vnto God as long as I liue: I will sing psalmes vnto my Lord so long as I shall be.

34My meditations of hym shalbe very pleasaunt: for all my ioy shalbe in God.

35As for sinners they shalbe consumed out of the earth: and the vngodly shall come to an ende, blesse thou God O my soule, and prayse you the Lorde.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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