Exodus 2
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The Birth and Adoption of Moses
(Acts 7:20–22; Hebrews 11:23)

1And there wente forth a man of the house of Leui, and toke a doughter of Leui. 2And the wife conceaued and bare a sonne. And whan she sawe yt it was a proper childe, she hyd him thre monethes. 3And whan she coude hyde him no longer, she toke an Arke of redes, and dawbed it ouer with slyme and pitch, and layed the childe therin, and set it amonge the redes by the waters brynke. 4But his sister stode a farre of, to wete what wolde come of him.

5And Pharaos doughter came downe, to wash herself in the water: And hir maydens walked by the water syde: and whan she sawe the Arke amonge the redes, she sent one of hir maydens, and caused it to be fett. 6And whan she opened it, she sawe ye childe: and beholde the babe wepte. Then had she pytie vpon it, and sayde: It is one of the Hebrues children. 7Then sayde his syster vnto Pharaos doughter: Shal I go, and call the a nurse of the Hebrues wemen, to nurse ye the childe? 8Pharaos doughter sayde vnto her: Go thy waye. The mayde wente, and called the childes mother. 9Then sayde Pharaos doughter vnto her: Take this childe, and nurse it for me, I wyll geue ye thy rewarde. The woman toke the childe, and nursed it. 10And whan the childe was growne, she brought it vnto Pharaos doughter, and it became hir sonne, and she called him Moses. For she sayde: I toke him out of the water.

The Rejection and Flight of Moses
(Acts 7:23–29)

11Vpon a tyme whan Moses was greate, he wente forth vnto his brethren, and loked vpon their burthens, and sawe, that an Egipcia smote one of his brethren ye Hebrues. 12And he loked rounde aboute him: and whan he sawe that there was no man, he slew the Egipcian, and buried him in the sonde. 13The next daye he wente forth also, and sawe two men of the Hebrues stryuynge together, and sayde to the vngodly: Wherfore smytest thou thy neghboure? 14But he sayde: Who made the a ruler or iudge ouer vs? Wilt thou slaye me also, as thou slewest the Egipcian? The was Moses afrayed, and sayde: How is this knowne?

15And Pharao herde of it, and sought for Moses, to slaye him. But Moses fled from Pharao, and kepte him in the lande of Madian, and sat him downe by a wells syde.

16The prest Madian had seuen doughters, which came to drawe water, and fylled the troughes, to geue their fathers shepe to drinke. 17Then came the shepherdes, and droue the awaye. But Moses gat him vp, and helped them, and gaue their shepe to drynke. 18And whan they came to Reguel their father, he saide: How came ye so soone to daie? 19They sayde: A man of Egipte delyuered vs from ye shepherdes, and drew vnto vs, and gaue the shepe to drynke. 20He sayde vnto his doughters. Where is he? Wherfore let ye the man go, that ye called him not to eate with vs? 21And Moses was content to dwell with the man. And he gaue Moses his doughter Zipora, 22which bare him a sonne, and he called him Gerson, for he sayde: I am become a straunger in a straunge lande.

God Hears the Cry of the Israelites

23And she bare him yet a sonne, whom he called Elieser, and sayde: The God of my father is my helper, and hath delyuered me from Pharaos hade.But after this in processe of tyme, the kynge of Egipte dyed. And the childre of Israel sighed ouer their laboure, and cried. 24And their crye ouer their labor, came before God. And God herde their coplaynte, & remebred his couenaunt with Abraham Isaac and Iacob. 25And God loked vpon the childre of Israel, and God knew it.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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