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kil·’a·yim — 4 Occurrences

Leviticus 19:19
HEB: לֹא־ תַרְבִּ֣יעַ כִּלְאַ֔יִם שָׂדְךָ֖ לֹא־
NAS: You shall not breed together two kinds
KJV: gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow
INT: nor breed two your field nor

Leviticus 19:19
HEB: לֹא־ תִזְרַ֣ע כִּלְאָ֑יִם וּבֶ֤גֶד כִּלְאַ֙יִם֙
NAS: two kinds of your cattle;
KJV: thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment
INT: nor sow kinds A garment two

Leviticus 19:19
HEB: כִּלְאָ֑יִם וּבֶ֤גֶד כִּלְאַ֙יִם֙ שַֽׁעַטְנֵ֔ז לֹ֥א
NAS: your field with two kinds of seed, nor
KJV: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen
INT: kinds A garment two of material nor

Deuteronomy 22:9
HEB: תִזְרַ֥ע כַּרְמְךָ֖ כִּלְאָ֑יִם פֶּן־ תִּקְדַּ֗שׁ
NAS: your vineyard with two kinds of seed, or
KJV: thy vineyard with divers seeds: lest the fruit
INT: sow your vineyard two or will become

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