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way·ya·ḥaṣ — 3 Occurrences

Genesis 32:7
HEB: וַיֵּ֣צֶר ל֑וֹ וַיַּ֜חַץ אֶת־ הָעָ֣ם
NAS: and distressed; and he divided the people
KJV: and distressed: and he divided the people
INT: was greatly and distressed divided the people who

Genesis 33:1
HEB: מֵא֖וֹת אִ֑ישׁ וַיַּ֣חַץ אֶת־ הַיְלָדִ֗ים
NAS: men with him. So he divided the children
KJV: men. And he divided the children
INT: hundred men divided the children among

Judges 7:16
HEB: וַיַּ֛חַץ אֶת־ שְׁלֹשׁ־
NAS: He divided the 300 men
KJV: And he divided the three hundred
INT: divided three hundred

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