Zechariah 11
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1Open your gates, oh Lebanon, and fire will devour your cedars!

2Wail, cypress tree, because the cedars have fallen and the mighty have been plundered! The oaks of Bayshan shall wail because the mighty forest has been felled!

3A sound of the wailing of Shepherds, for their greatness is plundered! There is a sound of lions roaring, because the strength of Jordan is pillaged!

4Thus says LORD JEHOVAH my God: ”Feed the thin sheep 5Whose buyers kill them and are not condemned, and their sellers say: ’blessed is LORD JEHOVAH who has enriched us!’ And their Shepherds have no pity upon them 6Because I do not have pity again on the inhabitants of the land, says LORD JEHOVAH, and behold, I hand over the children of men, each man into the hand of his neighbor, and into the hand of his King, and they shall divide the land, and I shall not save it from their hands

7And I fed the thin sheep because of the multitude of sheep, and I took to myself two staffs; the one I called Sweet and the other Agony, and I fed the sheep 8And I destroyed three Shepherds in one month and my soul was weary of them, also their souls howled against me 9And I said: ”I shall not feed you so that the dead will die and the lost will be destroyed, and she who remains would eat the flesh of her companions!”

10And I took my staff Sweet and I broke it that I would nullify the covenant that I covenanted with all the nations 11And it was abolished by me in that day, and the meek of the sheep who were watching me knew that it was the word of LORD JEHOVAH 12And I said to them: ”If it is good in your eyes, give me my wages or reject me!” And they weighed my wages as thirty pieces of silver 13And LORD JEHOVAH said to me: ”Throw it into the house of treasure, the glory and honor with which I was honored by them! And I took the thirty pieces of silver and I cast them into the house of treasure in the house of LORD JEHOVAH 14And I broke Agony, my other staff, that I would nullify the agreement that was between Yehuda and Israel

15And LORD JEHOVAH said to me again: ”Take to you a garment of a simple Shepherd 16Because, behold, I am establishing a Shepherd in the land who will not visit lost ones, and the strays he will not seek, and the broken ones he will not bandage and the sick he will not heal, and those who are paralyzed he will not feed, and the flesh of the healthy he will eat and their legs he will gnaw

17Woe, simple Shepherd, because you have abandoned the sheep at your arm and before your right eye! Your right arm shall wither and your right eye will be blind!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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