Luke 19
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Jesus and Zacchaeus
(Numbers 5:5–10)

1And he entred in and went thorow Hierico. 2And beholde ther was a ma named Zacheus which was a ruler amoge the Publicans and was riche also. 3And he made meanes to se Iesus what he shuld be: and coulde not for the preace because he was of a lowe stature. 4Wherfore he ran before and asceded vp into a wilde fygge tree to se him: for he shulde come that same waye. 5And when Iesus cam to the place he loked vp and sawe him and sayd vnto him: zache attonce come doune for to daye I must abyde at thy housse. 6And he came doune hastelye and receaved him ioyfully. 7And when they sawe that they all groudged sayinge: He is gone in to tary with a man that is a synner. 8And zache stode forth and sayd vnto ye Lorde: beholde Lorde ye haulfe of my gooddes I geve to the povre and if I have done eny ma wroge I will restore him fower folde. 9And Iesus sayd to him: this daye is healthe come vnto this housse for as moche as it also is become the chylde of Abraha. 10For the sonne of ma is come to seke and to save that which was looste.

The Parable of the Ten Minas
(Matthew 25:14–30)

11As they hearde these thinges he added ther to a similitude be cause he was nye to Hierusalem and because also they thought that the kyngdome of God shuld shortely appere. 12He sayde therfore: a certayne noble man wet into a farre countre to receave him a kyngdome and then to come agayne. 13And he called his ten servauntes and delyvered them ten pounde sayinge vnto them: by and sell till I come. 14But his citesens hated him and sent messengers after him sayinge: We will not have this man to raygne over vs. 15And it came to passe when he was come agayne and had receaved his kyngdome he comaunded these servautes to be called to him (to whom he gave his money) to witt what every man had done. 16Then came ye fyrst sayinge: Lorde thy pounde hath encreased ten poude. 17And he sayde vnto him: Well good servaute because thou wast faithfull in a very lytell thynge take thou auctorite over ten cities. 18And the other came sayinge: Lorde thy poude hath encreased fyve pounde. 19And to ye same he sayde: and be thou also ruler ouer fyve cities. 20And the thyrde came and sayde: Lorde beholde here thy pounde which I have kepte in a napkyn 21for I feared the because thou arte a strayte man: thou takest vp that thou laydest not doune and repest that thou dyddest not sowe. 22And he sayde vnto him: Of thine awne mouth iudge I the thou evyll servaunt. knewest thou that I am a strayte man takinge vp that I layde not doune and repinge that I dyd not sowe? 23Wherfore then gavest not thou my money into the banke that at my cominge I might have required myne awne with vauntage? 24And he sayde to them that stode by: take fro him that pounde and geve it him that hath ten poude. 25And they sayd vnto him: Lorde he hath ten pounde. 26I saye vnto you that vnto all the that have it sha lbe geve: and from him yt hath not eve that he hath shalbe taken from him. 27Moreover those myne enemys which wolde not that I shuld raigne over them bringe hidder and slee them before me.

The Triumphal Entry
(Zechariah 9:9–13; Matthew 21:1–11; Mark 11:1–11; John 12:12–19)

28And when he had thus spoken he proceded forthe before a ssendinge vp to Ierusalem.

29And it fortuned when he was come nye to Bethphage and Bethany besydes moute olivete he sent two of his disciples 30sayinge: Goo ye in to the toune which is over agaynste you. In the which assone as ye are come ye shall finde a colte tyed wheron yet never man sate. Lowse him and bringe him hider. 31And if eny man axe you why that ye loowse him: thus saye vnto him ye lorde hath nede of him. 32They that were sent went their waye and founde eve as he had sayde vnto the. 33And as they were aloosinge ye coolte the owners sayde vnto the: why lowse ye ye coolte? 34And they sayde: for ye Lorde hath nede of him. 35And they brought him to Iesus. And they cast their raymet on ye colte and set Iesus thero. 36And as he wet they spredde their clothes in ye waye. 37And when he was now come wheare he shuld goo doune fro the moute olivete ye whole multitude of ye disciples began to reioyce and to lawde God with a loude voyce for all ye miracles yt they had sene

38sayinge: Blessed be the kynge that cometh in the name of the Lorde: peace in heave and glory in the hyest.

39And some of ye Pharises of the copany sayde vnto him: Master rebuke thy disciples. 40He answered and sayde vnto the: I tell you yf these shuld holde their peace the stones wold crye.

Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem
(Isaiah 29:1–16)

41And when he was come neare he behelde the citie and wept on it 42sayinge: Yf thou haddest dest knowen those thinges which belonge vn thy peace eve at this thy tyme. But now are they hydde from thyne eyes. 43For the dayes shall come vpo the that thy enemys shall cast a banke aboute the and copasse the rounde and kepe the in on every syde 44and make the even with the grounde with thy chyldren which are in the. And they shall not leve in the one stone vpo another because thou knewest not the tyme of thy visitacion.

Jesus Cleanses the Temple
(Matthew 21:12–17; Mark 11:15–19; John 2:12–25)

45And he went in to the temple and begane to cast out them that solde therin and them that bought 46sayinge vnto them yt is written: my housse is the housse of prayer: but ye have made it a den of theves.

47And he taught dayly in the temple. The hye Prestes and the Scribes and the chefe of the people went about to destroye him: 48but coulde not finde what to do. For all the people stacke by him and gave him audience.

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