Deuteronomy 9
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Assurance of Victory

1Heare O Israel, thou passest ouer Iordane this day, to go in and possesse nations great and mightier then thy selfe, cities great and walled vp to heauen: 2A people great & tall, euen the children of the Anakims, whiche thou knowest of, & of whom thou hast heard say, who wyll stand before the children of Anac? 3Understande therefore this day, that the Lorde thy God is euen he whiche goeth ouer before thee as a consuming fire, he shall destroy them, and he shall bryng them downe before thy face: So thou shalt caste them out, and bryng them to naught quickly, as the Lorde hath sayde vnto thee.

4Speake not thou in thyne heart, after that the Lorde thy God hath cast them out before thee, saying, for my ryghteousnesse the Lorde hath brought me in, to possesse this lande: but for the wickednesse of these nations the Lord hath cast them out before thee. 5It is not for thy righteousnesse sake, or for thy right heart, that thou goest to possesse their lande: But for the wickednesse of these nations, the Lord thy God doth cast them out before thee, eue to perfourme the worde whiche the Lord thy God sware vnto thy fathers. Abraham, Isahac, and Iacob.

6Understand therfore that it is not for thy righteousnes sake, that the Lorde thy God doth geue thee this good lande to possesse it, seyng thou art a stifnecked people.

The Golden Calf
(Exodus 32:1–35; Acts 7:39–43)

7Remember & forget not, howe thou prouokedst the Lorde thy God in the wildernesse, since the day that thou diddest depart out of the lande of Egypt, vntyll ye came vnto this place, ye haue rebelled agaynst the Lorde. 8Also in Horeb ye prouoked the Lord to anger, so that the Lorde was wroth with you, euen to haue destroyed you. 9When I was gone vp into the mount, to receaue the tables of stone, the tables of the couenaunt which the Lord made with you, and I abode in the mount fourtie dayes & fourtie nightes, whe I neither did eate bread nor drinke water. 10And the Lorde deliuered me two tables of stone, written with the finger of God, and in them was contayned all the wordes whiche the Lorde saide vnto you in the mount out of ye middes of fire, in the day when ye came together. 11And when the fourtie dayes and fourtie nightes were ended, the Lorde gaue me the two tables of stone, the tables of the couenaunt. 12And the Lord sayde vnto me: Arise, and get thee downe quickly from hence, for thy people which thou hast brought out of Egypt, haue marred all: They are turned at once out of the waye which I commaunded them, and haue made them a moulten image. 13Furthermore, the Lorde spake vnto me, saying: I haue seene this people, and beholde it is a stifnecked people. 14Let me alone, that I may destroy them, & put out the name of them from vnder heauen, and I wyll make of thee a mightie nation, & greater then they be.

15And I turned me, and came downe from the hyll, euen from the hyll that burnt with fire, and the two tables of the couenaunt were in my handes. 16And I loked, and beholde ye had sinned against the Lorde your God, and had made you a moulten calfe, and had turned at once out of the way whiche the Lorde had commaunded you. 17And I toke the two tables, and cast them out of my two handes, and brake them before your eyes. 18And I fell downe flat before the Lord euen as at the first time, & fourtie dayes and fourtie nightes I did neither eate bread nor drinke water, because of all your sinnes which ye sinned, in doyng wyckedly in the sight of the Lorde in that ye prouoked hym vnto wrath. 19(For I was afrayde, that for the wrath and fiercenes wherwith the Lord was moued agaynst you, he would haue destroyed you) But the Lorde heard me at that tyme also. 20The Lorde was very angry with Aaron also, euen to haue destroyed hym: and I made intercession for Aaron also the same tyme. 21And I toke your sinne, the calfe which ye had made, and burnt hym with fire, and stamped hym, and grounde hym very small, euen to dust: and I cast the dust therof into the brooke that descended out of the mount.

22Also at the burnyng place, at the place of temptyng, and at the sepulchres of lust, ye prouoked the Lorde to anger. 23Likewise when the Lorde sent you from Cades Barnea, saying, go vp and possesse the lande which I haue geuen you: you rebelled against the worde of the Lorde your God, and neither beleued him, nor hearkened vnto his voyce. 24You haue ben rebellious vnto the Lorde since the day that I knewe you.

25And I fell downe flat before the Lorde fourtie dayes & fourtie nightes, as I fell downe before: for the Lorde sayde, he woulde destroy you. 26I made intercession therfore vnto the Lord, and sayd: O Lord God, destroy not thy people and thyne inheritaunce whiche thou hast deliuered through thy great goodnesse, and whiche thou hast brought out of Egypt thorowe a myghtie hande. 27Remember thy seruauntes, Abraham, Asahac, and Iacob, and looke not vnto the stubbernesse of this people, nor to their wickednesse and sinne: 28Lest the lande whence thou broughtest them, say, The Lorde is not able to bryng them into the land which he promised them, and because he hated them, therefore hath he caryed them out to slay them in the wyldernesse. 29Beholde, they are thy people, & thyne inheritaunce, whiche thou broughtest out in thy myghtie power, and in thy stretched out arme.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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