2 Samuel 22
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David’s Song of Deliverance
(Psalm 18:1–50)

1And Dauid spake the wordes of this songe before the LORDE, what tyme as the LORDE had delyuered him fro the hande of all his enemies, and from the hande of Saul,

2and he sayde. The LORDE is my stony rock, & my castell, and my delyuerer.

3God is my strength, in him wyl I put my trust: my shylde & the horne of my saluacion, my defence & my refuge, my Sauioure, thou shalt helpe me from violent wronge.

4I wil call vpon the LORDE with prayse, so shal I be delyuered fro myne enemies.

5For the sorowes of death copased me, and the brokes of Belial made me afrayed.

6The paynes of hell came aboute me, and the snares of death had ouertaken me.

7Wha I was in trouble, I called vpo the LORDE, yee euen my God called I vpon, & so he herde my voyce fro his holy temple, & my coplaynte (came) into his eares.

8The earth trembled and quaked, the foundacions of the heauen shoke and moued, because he was wroth.

9Smoke wente vp from his nose, and consumynge fyre out of his mouth, coles were kyndled therof.

10He bowed the heauens and came downe, and it was darke vnder his fete.

11He sat vpon Cherub and dyd flye, and appeared vpon the fethers of the wynde.

12He made darknes his pauylion rounde aboute him, thicke water in the cloudes of ye ayre.

13At the brightnesse of him were the fyre coles kyndled.

14The LORDE thondered from heaue, and the Hyest put forth his voyce.

15He shot his arowes, and scatered them: he lightened, and discomfited them.

16The pourynges out of the See were sene, and the foundacions of the earth were discouered at the chydinge of the LORDE, & at the breth of the sprete of his wrath.

17He sent downe from aboue, and receaued me, and drue me out of many waters.

18He delyuered me fro my stronge enemye, from them that hated me, for they were to mightie for me.

19They ouertoke me in the tyme of my trouble, but the LORDE was my succoure.

20He broughte me forth in to liberty: he delyuered me, because he had a fauoure vnto me.

21The LORDE shal rewarde me after my righteousnes, and acordinge to the clennes of my handes shal he recompence me.

22For I haue kepte ye waye of the LORDE, & haue not bene vngodly agaynst my God.

23For I haue an eye vnto all his lawes, and haue not put his ordinaunces fro me.

24Therfore wil I be perfecte vnto him, and wyl eshue myne awne wickednes.

25So shal ye LORDE rewarde me after my righteousnes, acordinge to the clenes of my handes in his eye sighte.

26With the holy shalt thou be holy, and wt the perfecte thou shalt be perfecte.

27With the cleane thou shalt be cleane, and with the frowarde thou shalt be frowarde.

28For thou shalt saue the poore oppressed people, and shalt set thine eyes agaynst the proude to brynge them downe.

29For thou O LORDE art my lanterne. The LORDE shal lighte my darknesse.

30For in ye I shal discofite an hoost of men, & in my God I shal leape ouer the wall.

31The waye of God is perfecte: ye wordes of the LORDE are tryed in the fyre: he is a shylde for all the that put their trust in him.

32For where is there a God, excepte ye LORDE? Or who hath eny strength without oure God?

33God hath stregthed me with power, and made playne a perfecte waye for me.

34He hath made my fete like hartes fete, & hath set me vp an hye.

35He teacheth my handes to fighte, and bendeth the stele bowe with myne armes.

36And thou hast geuen me the shylde of yi health, and with yi louynge correccion shalt thou multiplye me.

37Thou hast enlarged my goinge vnder me, and myne ankles haue not slyded.

38I wyl folowe vpon myne enemies, and destroye the: and wyl not turne backe agayne, tyll I haue broughte them to naught.

39I wil cosume them and thrust them thorow, that they come not vp: they shal fall vnder my fete.

40Thou hast girded me with strength to ye battayll, and hast subdued them vnder me yt rose vp agaynst me.

41Thou hast made myne enemies to turne their backes vpo me, that I might destroye them that hate me.

42They shal crye, but there shalbe no Sauioure: yee euen vnto the LORDE, but he answereth them not.

43I wil beate them as small as the dust of the earth: euen as ye claye of the stretes wil I make them thynne, and sprede them out abrode.

44But me shalt thou delyuer from the stryuynges of the people, and shalt kepe me to be ye heade of the Heythen: A people whom I haue not knowne, shal serue me.

45The straunge children haue denyed me: at the hearynge of the eare shal they herke vnto me.

46The straunge children are waxen olde, & are shut vp in their presons.

47The LORDE lyueth, and blessed be my God, and magnified be the strength of my health.

48God seyth that I be auenged, and subdueth the people vnto me.

49He bryngeth me out fro myne enemies: & from them yt ryse vp agaynst me, shalt thou exalte me, and from ye cruell man shalt thou delyuer me.

50For this cause wyl I geue thankes vnto the amonge the Heythen, and synge prayses vnto thy name.

51Which doth greate health for his kynge, & sheweth mercy vnto Dauid his anoynted, and to his sede for euermore.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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