Genesis 10
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The Table of Nations
(1 Chronicles 1:4–27)

1This is the generacion of the childre of Noe, Sem, Ham, and Iaphet, & they begat children after the floude.

The Japhethites

2The children of Iaphet are these: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Iauan, Tubal, Mesech and Thyras. 3The childre of Gomer are these: Ascenas, Riphat and Togarma. 4The children of Iauan are these: Elisa, Tharsis, Cithim and Dodanim: 5Of these are deuided the Iles of ye Heithen in their countrees, euery one after his speach, kynred and people.

The Hamites

6The childre of Ham are these: Thus, Misraim, Phut and Canaan. 7The children of Chus are these: Seba, Heuila Sabtha, Reyma and Sabthecha. The children of Reyma are these: Sheba and Deda. 8Thus also begat Nemrod, which beganne to be mightie in the earth, 9and was a mightie hunter in the sight of the LORDE. Therof commeth the prouerbe: This is a mightie hunter before the LORDE like as Nemrod. 10And the origenall of his kyngdome was Babel, Erech, Acad & Chalne in ye londe of Synear. 11Out of that lode came Assur, and buylded Niniue, and ye stretes of ye cite, and Calah, 12and Ressen betwene Ninyne & Calah: This is a greate cite. 13Mizraim begat Ludim, Enamim, Leabim, Naphtuhim, 14Pathrusim & Casluhim, from whence came the Philistynes and Capthorims.

15Canaa also begat Zidon his eldest sonne, & Heth, 16Iebusi, Emori, Girgosi, 17Hiui, Arki, Sini, 18Aruadi, Zemari & Hamati: fro whence ye kynreds of ye Cananites are dispersed abrode. 19And ye Coastes of ye Cananites were fro Sido forth thorow Gerar vnto Gasa, tyll thou comest vnto Sodoma, Gomorra, Adama, Zeboim, & vnto Lasa. 20These are the children of Ham in their kynreds, tunges, londes & people.

The Semites

21And Sem which is ye father of all the children of Eber, & the elder brother of Iaphet, begat childre also. 22And these are his children: Ela, Assur, Arphachad, Lud & Aram. 23The childre of Aram are these: Vz, Hul, Gether & Mas. 24And Arphachsad begat Sala, and Sala begat Eber. 25Eber begat two sonnes: the name of the one was Peleg, because that in his tyme the worlde was deuyded, and his brothers name was Iaketan, 26And Iaketan begat Almodad, Saleph, Hazarmaphet, Iarah, 27Hadoram, Usal, Dikela, 28Obal, Abimael, Seba, 29Ophir, Heuila & Iobab: All these are ye childre of Iaketan. 30And their dwellynge was from Mesa, tyll thou come vnto Sephar a mountayne of ye east. 31These are ye children of Sem in their generacions, tunges, londes and people.

32This is now ye generacion of ye children of Noe in their kynredes & people. Of these were ye people vpon earth spred a brode after ye floude.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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