Acts 12
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1But at that time, King Herodus, who was surnamed Agrippa, was laying hands on the people who were in the churches, to do evil to them. 2And he murdered Yaqob the brother of Yohannan with the sword. 3And when he saw this pleased the Judeans, he proceeded to seize also Shimeon Kaypha, and they were the days of Unleavened Bread. 4And he arrested him and cast him into prison and delivered him unto sixteen Soldiers to guard him so that after Passover he would deliver him to the people of Judea,

5And while Shimeon was guarded in prison, continual prayer was offered by the church for him to God,

6And that night toward dawn, he was preparing to hand him over while Shimeon was asleep between two Soldiers and was bound with two chains, and the others were keeping the gate of the prison. 7The Angel of THE LORD JEHOVAH stood over him, and the light shone in the entire place and he jabbed him in the side and raised him up and said to him, “Arise quickly.” And the chains fell from his hands. 8And the Angel said to him, “Wrap your garment around your waist and put on your sandals”, and he did so; again, he said to him, “Wrap your cloak and follow me.” 9And he went out and followed him while he did not know that this was real which was happening by the hand of The Angel, for he thought that he was seeing a vision. 10And as they passed the first guard and the second they came to an iron gate, and it opened to them of its own accord, and when they went forth past one street, The Angel departed from him. 11And Shimeon realized and said, “Now I know in truth that THE LORD JEHOVAH has sent his Angel to save me from the hand of Herodus The King and from that which the Judeans were plotting against me.” 12And as he pondered this, he came to the house of Maryam, the mother of Yohannan who was surnamed Marqus, because many brethren were gathered there and praying. 13And he knocked at the door of the courtyard and a girl went out to answer it whose name was Rhoda. 14She recognized the voice of Shimeon and in her joy she did not open the door to him, as she went back running and saying to them, “Shimeon, behold, is standing at the door of the courtyard!” 15They were saying to her, “You are crazy.”, and she was protesting, “It is true.” They said to her, “Perhaps it is his messenger.” 16And Shimeon was knocking at the gate and they went out and saw him and they marveled among themselves. 17And he was gesturing to them with his hands so as to silence them, and he entered and related to them how THE LORD JEHOVAH had brought him out from the prison. And he said to them, “Tell these things to Yaqob and to the brethren.” And he went out to another place.

18When it was morning, there was a great uproar among the Soldiers about Shimeon: “What happened to him?” 19But when Herodus had searched for him and did not find him, he condemned the guards and ordered to execute them, and he went out from Judea and was staying in Qesarea.

20And because he was at enmity with the Tyrians and against the Sidonians, they gathered and came together to him and persuaded Blastus the Chamberlain of The King and asked him that they might have a peace treaty, because the sustenance of their countries was from The Kingdom of Herodus. 21But on a notable day, Herodus was wearing the royal garments and sat down on the judgment seat and was speaking with the multitude. 22All the people were crying out and saying, “These are the sayings of God and not of men.” 23And because he did not give the glory to God, immediately The Angel of THE LORD JEHOVAH struck him and he was infested with worms and he died.

24And The Gospel of God was proclaimed and it grew.

25Then BarNaba and Shaul returned from Jerusalem to Antiakia after they had finished their service and they took Yohannan with them, who was surnamed Marqus.

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