Jeremiah 10:12
Text Analysis
6213 [e]עֹשֵׂ֥ה
He has madeV-Qal-Prtcpl-msc
776 [e]אֶ֙רֶץ֙
the earthN-fs
3581 [e]בְּכֹח֔וֹ
by His powerPrep-b | N-msc | 3ms
3559 [e]מֵכִ֥ין
He has establishedV-Hifil-Prtcpl-ms
8398 [e]תֵּבֵ֖ל
the worldN-fs
2451 [e]בְּחָכְמָת֑וֹ
by His wisdomPrep-b | N-fsc | 3ms
8394 [e]וּבִתְבוּנָת֖וֹ
and at His discretionConj-w, Prep-b | N-fsc | 3ms
5186 [e]נָטָ֥ה
has stretched outV-Qal-Perf-3ms
8064 [e]שָׁמָֽיִם׃
the heavensN-mp

Hebrew Texts
ירמיה 10:12 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
עֹשֵׂ֥ה אֶ֙רֶץ֙ בְּכֹחֹ֔ו מֵכִ֥ין תֵּבֵ֖ל בְּחָכְמָתֹ֑ו וּבִתְבוּנָתֹ֖ו נָטָ֥ה שָׁמָֽיִם׃

ירמיה 10:12 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
עשה ארץ בכחו מכין תבל בחכמתו ובתבונתו נטה שמים׃

ירמיה 10:12 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
עשה ארץ בכחו מכין תבל בחכמתו ובתבונתו נטה שמים׃

ירמיה 10:12 Hebrew Bible
עשה ארץ בכחו מכין תבל בחכמתו ובתבונתו נטה שמים׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
It is He who made the earth by His power, Who established the world by His wisdom; And by His understanding He has stretched out the heavens.

King James Bible
He hath made the earth by his power, he hath established the world by his wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by his discretion.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
He made the earth by His power, established the world by His wisdom, and spread out the heavens by His understanding.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

hath made.

Jeremiah 32:17 Ah Lord GOD! behold, you have made the heaven and the earth by your …

Jeremiah 51:15-19 He has made the earth by his power, he has established the world …

Genesis 1:1,6-9 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…

Job 38:4-7 Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, …

Psalm 33:6 By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of …

Psalm 136:5,6 To him that by wisdom made the heavens: for his mercy endures for ever…

Psalm 146:5,6 Happy is he that has the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is …

Psalm 148:4,5 Praise him, you heavens of heavens, and you waters that be above the heavens…

John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made …

Colossians 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that …


Psalm 24:2 For he has founded it on the seas, and established it on the floods.

Psalm 78:69 And he built his sanctuary like high palaces, like the earth which …

Psalm 93:1 The LORD reigns, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed …

Psalm 119:90 Your faithfulness is to all generations: you have established the …

Proverbs 3:19 The LORD by wisdom has founded the earth; by understanding has he …

Proverbs 30:4 Who has ascended up into heaven, or descended? who has gathered the …

Isaiah 45:18 For thus said the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that …

Isaiah 49:8 Thus said the LORD, In an acceptable time have I heard you, and in …


Job 9:8 Which alone spreads out the heavens, and treads on the waves of the sea.

Job 26:7 He stretches out the north over the empty place, and hangs the earth on nothing.

Psalm 104:2,24 Who cover yourself with light as with a garment: who stretch out …

Isaiah 40:22 It is he that sits on the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants …

Isaiah 42:5 Thus said God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched …

Isaiah 44:24 Thus said the LORD, your redeemer, and he that formed you from the …

Isaiah 45:12 I have made the earth, and created man on it: I, even my hands, have …

Isaiah 48:13 My hand also has laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand …

Zechariah 12:1 The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, said the LORD, which …

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