Deuteronomy 9
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Assurance of Victory

1Heare Israel, thou goest ouer Ioadayne this daye, to goo and conquere nacions greater and mightier than thy selfe, and cities greate ad walled vp to heauen, 2ad people greate and tall, euen the childern of the Enakims, which thou knowest and of whom thou hast herde saye who is able to stond before the childern of Enack? 3But vnderstonde this daye that the Lorde thy God which goeth ouer before the a consumyng fire, he shall destroye them and he shall subdue them before the. And thou shalt cast them out, and brynge them to noughte quyckely as the Lorde hath sayed vnto the.

4Speake not in thyne hert, after that the Lorde thy God hath cast them out before the sayenge: for my rightuousnes the Lorde hath brought me in to the possesse this lode. Nay, but for the wekednesse of these nacions the Lord doth cast the out before the. 5It is not for thy rightuousnes sake ad right hert that thou goest to possesse their lod: But partely for the wekednesse of these nacios, the Lord thy god doth cast the out before the, and partly to performe that which the Lorde thy God sware vnto thi fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Iacob.

6Vnderstond therfore that it is not for thy rightuousnes sake, that the Lorde thy God doth geue the this good lond to possesse it, for thou art a stiffenecked people.

The Golden Calf
(Exodus 32:1–35; Acts 7:39–43)

7Remebre ad forget not how thou prouokedest the Lorde thi god in the wildernesse: for sens the daye that thou camest out of the lond of Egipte vntyll ye came vnto this place, ye haue rebelled agenst the Lorde. 8Also in Horeb ye angred the Lorde so that the Lorde was wroth with you, eue to haue destroyed you, 9after that I was gone vpp in to the mount, to fett the tables of stone, the tables of appoyntment which the Lorde made with you. And I abode in the hyll .xl. dayes ad xl. nightes and nether ate bred nor dranke water. 10And the Lorde delyuered me two tables of stone writen with the finger of God, and in them was acordynge to all the wordes which the Lorde sayed vnto you in the mount out of the fire in the daye whe the people were gathered together. 11And whe the .xl. dayes and .xl. nyghtes were ended, the Lorde gaue me: the two tables off stone, the tables of the testament, 12and sayed vnto me: Vpp, and get the doune quyckely from hence, for thy people which thou hast broughte out of Egipte, haue marred them selues. They are turned attonce out of the waye, whiche I commaunded them, and haue made the a god of metall. 13Furthermore the Lorde spake vnto me sayenge: I se this people how that it is a stiffenecked people, 14let me alone that I maye destroye them and put out the name off them from vnder heauen, and I will make off the a nacion both greater ad moo than they.

15And I turned awaye and came doune from the hyll (and the hyll burnt with fire) and had the two tables of the appoyntment in my handes. 16And when I loked and sawe that ye had synned agenst the Lorde youre God and had made you a calfe of metall and had turned attonce out of the waye whiche the Lorde had commaunded you. 17The I toke the two tables and cast them out of my two handes, and brake the before youre eyes. 18And I fell before the Lorde: euen as at the first tyme .xl. dayes ad .xl nightes and nether ate bred nor dranke water ouer all youre synnes whiche ye had synned in doynge wekedly in the syght of the Lorde ad in prouokinge him. 19For I was afrayed of the wrath and fearsnesse wherwith the Lord was angrie with you, eue for to haue destroyed you But the Lorde herde my peticion at that tyme also. 20The Lorde was very angrie with Aaron also, eue for to haue destroyed him: But I made intercession for Aaro also the same tyme. 21And I toke youre synne, the calfe which ye had made ad burnt him with fire ad stampe him and grounde him a good, eue vnto smal dust. And I cast the dust thereof in to the broke that descended out of the mount.

22Also at Thabeera and at Masa and at the sepulchres of lust ye angred the Lorde, yee 23ad when the Lorde sent you from Cades Bernea sayenge: goo vpp and conquere the lond whiche I haue geuen you, ye disobeyed the mouth of the Lorde youre God, and nether beleued hi nor herkened vnto his voyce. 24Thus ye haue bene disobediet vnto the Lord, sence the daye that I knew you.

25And I fell before the Lorde .xl. dayes and xl. nightes whiche I laye there, for the Lorde was minded to haue destroyed you. 26But I made intercession vnto the Lorde and sayed: O Lorde Iehoua, destroye not thy people and thyne enheritauce which thou hast delyuered thorow thi greatnesse and which thou hast brought out of Egipte with a mightie hand. 27Remebre thy servauntes Abraham, Isaac and Iacob and loke not vnto the stoburnesse of this people nor vnto their wekednesse and synne: 28lest the londe whence thou broughtest them saye: Because the Lorde was not able to brynge them in to the londe which he promysed them and because he hated them, therfore he caried them out to destroye them in the wildernesse. 29Moreouer they are thy people and thine enheritaunce, whiche thou broughtest out with thy myghtye power and wyth thy stretched out arme.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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