Genesis 10
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The Table of Nations
(1 Chronicles 1:4–27)

1These are the generations of the sonnes of Noe: of Sem Ham and Iapheth which begat them children after the floude.

The Japhethites

2The sonnes of Iapheth were: Gomyr Magog Madai Iauan Tuball Mesech and Thyras. 3And the sonnes of Gomyr were: Ascenas Riphat and Togarina. 4And the sonnes of Iauan were: Elisa Tharsis Cithun and Dodanim. 5Of these came the Iles of the gentylls in there contres every man in his speach kynred and nation.

The Hamites

6The sonnes of Ham were: Chus Misraim Phut and Canaan. 7The sonnes of Chus: were Seba Hevila Sabta Rayma and Sabtema. And the sonnes of Rayma were: Sheba and Dedan. 8Chus also begot Nemrod which bega to be myghtye in the erth. 9He was a myghtie hunter in the syghte of the LORde: Where of came the proverbe: he is as Nemrod that myghtie hunter in the syghte of the LORde. 10And the begynnynge of hys kyngdome was Babell Erech Achad and Chalne in the lande of Synear: 11Out of that lande came Assur and buylded Ninyue and the cyte rehoboth and Calah 12And Ressen betwene Ninyue ad Chalah. That is a grete cyte. 13And Mizraim begat Iudun Enamim Leabim Naphtuhim 14Pathrusim and Castuhim: from whence came the Philystyns and the Capthiherynes.

15Canaan also begat zidon his eldest sonne and Heth 16Iebusi Emori Girgosi 17Hiui Arki Sini 18Aruadi Zemari and hamari. And afterward sprange the kynreds of the Canaanytes 19And the costes of the Canaanytes were fro Sydon tyll thou come to Gerara and to Asa and tyll thou come to Sodoma Gomorra Adama Zeboim: eve vnto Lasa. 20These were the chyldre of Ham in there kynreddes tonges landes and nations.

The Semites

21And Sem the father of all ye childre of Eber and the eldest brother of Iapheth begat children also. 22And his sonnes were: Elam Assur Arphachsad Lud ad Aram. 23And ye childree of Aram were: Vz Hul Gether and Mas 24And Arphachsad begat Sala and Sala begat Eber. 25And Eber begat .ij. sonnes. The name of the one was Peleg for in his tyme the erth was devyded. And the name of his brother was Iaketanr 26Iaketan begat Almodad Saleph Hyzarmoneth Iarah 27Hadoram Vsal Dikela 28Obal Abimach Seba 29Ophir Heuila and Iobab. All these are the sonnes of Iaketan. 30And the dwellynge of them was from Mesa vntill thou come vnto Sephara a mountayne of the easte lande. 31These are the sonnes o Sem in their kynreddes languages contrees and nations.

32These are the kynreddes of the sonnes of Noe in their generations and nations. And of these came the people that were in the world after the floude.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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